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10 Legitimate Reasons to Stop Owning a Car

10 Legitimate Reasons To Stop Owning A Car!!!

Do you want to know why you should never buy a car?  Although you want it, or perhaps it’s your dream.

If you do, then you should perhaps consider the following points before actually fulfilling your dream.

Quick Overview

S.N Reasons
1. Having a car is inconvenient, and the use of ride-sharing is a new trend.
2. Cars are way too expensive.
3. Pollution
4. Parking stress
5. To eliminate heavy traffic.
6. Without a car, you can become more aware of your surroundings and live more in the present moment.
7. Avoiding driving improves one’s health.
8. Depreciation value
9. Higher Taxes and licensing fees
10. Higher Insurance rates

Legitimate reasons to stop owning a car

Let me tell you that it is good to stick to where you are now and should probably never buy a new car, and here are the 10 legitimate reasons why.

10. Higher Insurance Rates

By the way, all the above reasons are incomplete without mentioning this point. One of the crucial points that would make you think not even twice but thrice is the skyrocketing insurance rates.

Depending on the model and its price in the market, the insurance companies charge different insurance rates.

And mainly in the United States, auto insurance is primarily expensive than the value of automobiles.

Rather than paying insurance for your car, it is better to invest in your health insurance because if you need a car, you can always rent it or just go with ride-sharing apps, but you only live once.

9. Higher Taxes and licensing fees

Buying a car means encountering different charges that come along with the car. You should not forget different car fees such as:

  • Vehicle Registration Fees: This is the fee charged by the state to register a new car, issue a title and pay for license plates and they vary in different states.
  • Sales Tax: Same as vehicle registration fees, the sales tax also varies from state to state, and you may be shocked to hear about the sales rate. The average sale tax on car purchases is about 4.87%. In speaking, California has the highest regular sales tax rate on purchase which is 7.25% plus the local tax.
  • Documentation Fee: Also known as “doc fees,” this means it pays a dealer’s administrative costs associated with the title, registration, and other paperwork associated with the automobile purchase. The range of price depends on the dealer and state where you buy.

Along with the fees, the stress you are getting is enormous. So, It’s better to stay out of it.

8. Depreciation value

One of the most severe issues with cars is that the older they become, the more likely their value plummets.

Let’s just assume you wish to buy a new car selling your old one, but the new car does not come cheap. So, it’s your choice to have a new car or live with the old car. Well, It all depends on you.

However, it would help if you were not concerned about the cars or your other possessions right now because every item has a declining worth.

7. Driving impacts on health

Along with the pollution, there is a whole layer of health concerns associated with driving that many of us don’t consider at all.

The impact on health such as anxiety, tension, and blood pressure, as well as persistent lower back and/or knee discomfort.

Rather than driving around the small corner of your locality, if you walk at least 30 minutes, then you do not have to rush over to the gym to be fit.

It’s been seen that people who don’t have a car usually take a walk more than those who drive since they can take public transit or taxis for their way.

6. Without a car, you can become more aware of your surroundings and live more in the present moment

We’ve mentioned this point because you will not be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving a car yourself.

It would be best if you start walking or using ride-sharing rather than driving a car.

It allows you to become aware of your surroundings, which ultimately helps you live in the present.

Sometimes it’s just better to take a break from driving and enjoy the present moment.

5. To eliminate heavy traffic

Nothing is more frustrating than it is to be late and being caught in traffic.

If to say the real reason then it is because of the increasing number of cars and everyone trying to get around simultaneously.

Furthermore, the road infrastructure cannot handle this load, and decreasing private cars is one of the most excellent methods to prevent traffic and eradicate this problem.

4. Parking stress

Living in a metro city has always led to parking anxiety. However, it might sound dramatic, but it’s a sad reality.

It is what everyone experiences in busy cities.

If you don’t find parking space, then people might get sweaty palms.

Legitimate reasons to Stop Owning a Car Parking
Parking (Source: Unsplash)

A survey carried out in 2016 found out that one in ten people said that they had decided not to use their car because they were afraid that they were likely not to find parking space for their car.

So, if you don’t want to worry, I strongly recommend not buying a car.

3. Pollution

One of the legit reasons you need to stop owning a car is pollution. Both air and noise population are rapidly increasing, and we live in a world with low air quality, which ultimately leads to the reason to have asthma.

Running your cars requires carbon fuels, which emit many toxic gases that affect us and our environment.

Now regarding noise pollution, World Health Organization (WHO) has mentioned that traffic signals are the single most significant cause of noise pollution in cities and can damage health as well.

In densely populated cities, cutting vehicle usage and the number of vehicles helps to alleviate this problem.

Similarly, when you don’t use your car,  you can contribute to environmental improvement.

2. Cars are way too more expensive

The cost of owning a car is high and let’s not forget about the gas: parking and excessive insurance premiums.

Let not jump even with repair and maintenance, which needs to be done from time to time, and about the garage space and additional tires, there surely are lots of things to worry about.

Secondly, forget about the purchase price, depreciation, tax, and even fines. Even let’s say if you buy a car, then what about the fuel price? They are always pumping from time to time.

The demand is rising and rising, and daily life struggles to get the pressure of fuel prices.

1. Having a car is inconvenient, and the use of ride-sharing is a new trend.

If the argument is to be made whether it is right to buy the car or not, then the most compelling argument against owning a car can be its inconvenience as an asset.

Services such as Uber, GoDrive, Lyft are the future of driving, which eventually will replace the cars and is much more efficient and saves our money.

It is also said to be an excellent mobility foundation.

The reason ride-sharing is popular in modern days is because of its offers door-to-door assistance services for everyone without discrimination.

The apps are easy to use, and they are the quickest, safest, and most affordable transportation as taxi rides can cost 20 to 30 percent more.


I believe that cars are only convenient if you live far from your workplace and want to go on a trip.

But in today’s world, you can solve that problem using ride-sharing technology, and also it saves you from the hectic documentation processes and procedures of taxes.

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