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Renard Spivey Wikipedia: Former Actor Verdict On Murder Of Wife

As the recently released episode of Death by Fame presented the story of Renard Spivey, people globally started scouring the internet for his Wikipedia for further details.

Renard Spivey is a prominent American personality, currently recognized for his work in the movie industry.

He is a former sheriff deputy who entered the entertainment world in 2010 following his passion for acting.

Among his few works, his portrayal as bailiff on the TV show Justice for All with Judge Christian Perez made him known to the world.

Some of his other projects include productions like Dead of Knight (2010), Corruption (2010), and Married Men and Single Women (2011).

However, Renard’s growing career saw an unfortunate turn with the death of his wife, Patricia Spivey, in July 2019.

Following her death, Renard turned out to be the major suspect and was accused of murdering his wife.

Meanwhile, as the news of the incident reached a broad audience, an American TV series, Death by Fame, portrayed his story in one of their episode aired on February 24, 2024.

With its increasing viewership, people globally have shown interest in the personal life of Renard Spivey and are searching his Wikipedia.

Renard Spivey Wikipedia: Biography Of The Former Sheriff Turned Actor

Despite the ongoing discussions about Renard Spivey, he still lacks a well-dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, we have come up with some information about Renard that could be useful in his future Wikipedia article.

Born on July 20, 1956, in Texas, United States, Renard began his professional career as a detention officer at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department in Houston.

Renard Spivey captured with the Judge.
Renard Spivey had a passion for acting since his childhood. (Source: Twitter)

As he continued his excellent work, the department eventually promoted him to the position of sheriff’s deputy, notable in the Wikipedia of Renard Spivey.

Apart from his career in national law, Renard also pursued his passion for acting and appeared in multiple movies and TV shows.

With his continuous efforts and versatile talent, he gained widespread recognition as an emerging artist.

Throughout his career in the movie industry, he worked with multiple productions, earning critical acclaim for his work.

Meanwhile, Renard’s portrayal as a bailiff on the TV series Justice for All With Judge Christian Perez helped solidify his presence in the industry.

Renard Spivey captured with his wife.
Renard Spivey shot his wife at three different spots. (Source: Daily Mail)

However, his flourishing career turned dark after his involvement in a high-profile case.

Since then, his appearance in the industry started to fade with time. And now, Renard has permanently parted ways from the industry.

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The Incident And Verdict On Renard Spivey After Wife Death: Where Is He Now?

The day of July 28, 2019, marked the beginning of the incident that ended with the death of Renard’s wife.

On that very day, Renard called 911 at around 3 am local time, informing about an accidental shooting.

As the quick response team reached his residence, Patricia Spivey, the 52-year-old wife of Renard, was found in a fatal condition with three gunshot wounds.

In response, the Houston Police immediately took her to the Ben Taub Hospital but failed to save her life.

Renard captured along with his wife.
The incident took place while Renard was off duty. (Source: Daily Mail)

Following the incident, the authorities suspected Renard of the incident and charged him with murder.

According to court documents, the incident took place during a fight over physical intimacy between Renard and his wife.

However, upon the hearing held on November 2023, the jury acquitted him of the charge and found him not guilty.

As a result, he was released, with all the charges dropped from him.

Since then, Renard has lived away from the spotlight, maintaining a low-key profile in the country.

He also retired from the entertainment industry after the incident and has never appeared in public.

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