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Rodrigo Romeh Wikipedia: La Casa De Los Famosos Cast

After his recent heated altercation with his co-contestant Bronca on the TV show La Casa De Los Famosos 4, Rodrigo Romeh caught wide media attention, eventually making them look for his Wikipedia for further details.

Rodrigo Romeh is a fitness model and Instagram star whose net worth has increased significantly over the past few years.

He first started his career in bodybuilding and later became the world champion.

Nevertheless, he now does fitness modeling and has 2 million followers on Instagram.

In addition to Instagram, he also has a website by the name of rome. mx, on which he sells personal training plans.

However, he rose to prominence for his participation in the 2024 show La Casa De Los Famosos, and during that time, Romeh’s celebrity status made a quantum leap.  

With this, as the popularity of Rodrigo Romeh began to rise, it created a trend in fans’ desire to know his back story, which in turn prompted a search for Wikipedia.

Rodrigo Romeh Wikipedia: La Casa De Los Famosos Cast

Although he is a famous personality, Rodrigo Romeh has yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, the article you read will provide the information you need about Rodrigo Romeh relevant to his Wikipedia.

Rodrigo Romeh was born on 6th August 1989 in Mexico City, but the information about his parents and siblings is still anonymous.

He attended a local school in Mexico and acquired his university degree in the public university of the United States.

Rodrigo Romeh in white shirt
Romeh’s good looks, fit physique, and charming personality captivated viewers. (Source: Instagram)

Rodrigo Romeh was one of the cast of the most-watched Spanish-language reality show called La Casa De Los Famosos, which aired on January 23, 2024.

As the fourth season of the show featured some famous people, Romeh, with his participation, also gained immense popularity.

Taking part in the show brought out his personality and made him one of the season’s biggest stars.

He showcased his training capabilities on the show by training and encouraging other contestants.

He also shared how his career started in bodybuilding and later went into modeling.

His staying true to himself and authentic interactions with the other celebrities on the show earned him praise.

Subsequently, Romeh was left out of the final five celebrities of La Casa De Los Famosos Season 4.

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Net Worth And Relationship Details Of Rodrigo Romeh

Being into a thriving career as a fitness model, Rodrigo Romeh now has a total net worth between $1.5 million and $5 million as of 2024.

His revenue comes from brand endorsements on social media, selling fitness plans through the website, YouTube videos, and going into reality shows.

As for his love life, Romeh has been linked to several high-profile relationships.

Rodrigo Romeh with bouquet of flowers in his hand
Rodrigo Romeh is popular for his modeling shoots that portray his strong body. (Source: Instagram)

From 2012 to 2017, he was intimate with Mexican actress Mariana Torres. The couple had started seeing each other on the set of a TV show.

Moreover, he also had a short affair with an actress named Angelique Boyer in 2011.

Further, reports indicate that Romeh also had a relationship with Mayrin Villanueva and Dulce Maria. 

Meanwhile, his fling with actress Eiza Gonzalez was the source of gossip, though no one officially confirmed it.

Looking at this, Rodrigo Romeh seems to be single at present since the reality TV star hasn’t officialized his relationship with anyone.

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