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Rick Ness Health: What Happened To His Voice & Nose In Show?

The health of Rick Ness is a growing concern for fans of Gold Rush. What is Rick Ness dealing with?

Rick Ness is a TV personality known for appearing on the Gold Rush show.

Rick Ness, now 42 years old, is a native of Michigan, where he grew up. Right from an early age, Rick Ness was involved with machinery.

This habituation and familiarity with machinery also created a natural interest in construction.

This eventually paved the way for him to be on the Gold Rush show.

Initially, though, he had picked up football as his primary choice, which got derailed due to a severe head injury.

But the fans are now waiting for the update on the health of Rick Ness on Gold Rush.

Rick Ness Health Update And Battle With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Rick Ness has been with Gold Rush for over a decade now. This is why fans were shocked to know about his departure.

However, this departure was more of a temporary break.

Fans were curious, initially thinking that this could be due to health issues in Rick Ness as he took a break from the 13th season of Gold Rush.

Rick Ness sharing a birthday post on his late mother's birthday
Rick Ness formed a band called the .357 Stringband, released three albums, and toured the world. (Source: Twitter)

The reason is that he needed to deal with the emotional turmoil in his life.

This mental health issue reported by Rick Ness started with his mother passing away.

His mother sadly passed away in 2018 after a long-term battle with Cancer.

To cope with the loss, Rick Ness began using drugs. With this, the health of Rick Ness only worsened further.

Moreover, Rick Ness has recently opened up about his battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that generally happens during a particular season.

After his fame in Gold Rush, Rick Ness Wikipedia has been trending
The crew of Rick Ness is called The Rise of Rick Ness in the Gold Rush. (Source: Twitter)

Most often, those who suffer from this disease face it during the fall and winter seasons.

Given the nature of business that Rick Ness is in, it is somewhat unusual for him to open up about mental health issues.

Fans, too, were rather surprised to see such a candid admission of the health issue that Rick Ness is dealing with.

Rick Ness also further detailed that dealing with the disease is very emotionally taxing.

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Curiosity Over What Happened To His Voice And Nose On Gold Rush?

During the 13th season of Gold Rush, fans quickly noticed changes in Rick Ness.

Rick Ness’s health and physical appearance, too, seemed to be somewhat different.

Specifically, fans were curious regarding what happened to the health of Rick Ness, along with his voice and nose.

Regarding the change in his voice, fans pointed out that it could be due to his drug consumption.

Cocaine consumption can harm the consumer’s voice, and fans think this is what has happened.

It is no secret that Rick Ness’s drug consumption has brought issues to his health and behavior.

Rick driving back home after 5 months mining in the Yukon
Parker Schnabel introduced mining to Rick Ness. (Source: Twitter)

Hence, fans believe that drugs could be the reason his voice sounds different.

However, the change is not only his voice but also his nose. Fans think his nose looks rather different.

During the 14th season, Rick Ness’ nose had some noticeable changes.

The theory for this was a possible cosmetic surgery. This, however, is unconfirmed as Rick Ness has not clarified it.

And many believe Rich Ness’s health could have affected his physical appearance.

Nevertheless, the variations in his appearance seem more to be due to aging than anything else.

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Rick Ness’s Involvement In Gold Rush

Gold Rush debuted in 2010 and has now aired for over 13 years. The show continues to air on Discovery channel.

Thus far, Gold Rush has over 270 episodes, with Rick Ness featuring in 196.

Other frequent show members are Paul Christie, Parker Schnabel, and Tony Beets.

Rick Ness sharing a post on twitter about the finale of another season of Gold Rush
During his downtime, Rick Ness enjoys exploring the great outdoors and partakes in activities such as hunting and fishing. (Source: Twitter)

These frequent members have appeared in over 200 episodes each.

The main premise of the show revolves around crews mining the gold placer deposits of the Yukon Territory.

The show’s unique premise has only gained more popularity with its ardent viewers.

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