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Rick Ness Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Meet Gold Rush Star

Because of his fascinating career background, a lot of people are curious about the Wikipedia page of Rick Ness. They want to learn more about his life story.

Rick Ness is a gold miner, former musician, and reality TV star known for his role on the popular show Gold Rush worldwide.

Gold Rush is a popular television series broadcasted on the Discovery Channel.

The show documents the endeavors of different family-operated mining companies as they engage in placer gold mining.

Recently, Rick gained attention for expressing his desire to continue gold mining during the pandemic. His journey to fame started with his involvement in the show.

Meanwhile, Rick has faced highs and lows to reach his current status, making people curious about his story and personal background.

Due to this growing interest, there’s been a notable increase in searches for the Wikipedia page about Rick Ness.

Rick Ness Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

People are eager to find information about the personal life of Rick Ness through Wikipedia, but unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated page for him.

Rick Ness was born in Michigan on March 5, 1981, to Richard Ness and Judy Marie Bedard.

He was raised in Escanaba, Michigan, before he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2003.

Moreover, his family owned a construction company.

So, Rick learned to operate heavy machinery from a young age alongside his twin brother, Randy Ness.

Rick Ness sitting with his mother
Rick celebrated Thanksgiving with his mother. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, he excelled in football and music in high school, graduating in 1999 from Escanaba Area High School. 

Later, his parents divorced, and Rick moved to Michigan to support his mother in opening a fast-food restaurant called Subby’s.

Unfortunately, his mother, Judy, passed away in 2018 from incurable cancer at the age of 55.

Rick Ness will be 42 years old as of 2023. Meanwhile, details about his current and past relationships are mostly unknown.

He prefers to keep his personal life private and hasn’t been seen with anyone publicly.

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Rick Ness Career Beginnings: Music Career

People know Rick Ness as a miner or a musician. Surprisingly, he didn’t initially aim to be a miner or musician.

Before Rick Ness became famous on TV, he was into football and played on a college team until a leg injury ended his sports career. Later, he started his music career.

After he turned to music in 2004, he joined the .357 String Band. Additionally, they released their first album, Ghost Town.

Rick Ness with sleeveless shirt playing music
Rick played upright bass in the .357 String Band. (Source: Facebook)

Playing the upright bass, Rick toured worldwide with the band, which released three albums before disbanding in 2011.

Moreover, during one of their tours, Rick met Parker Schnabel in Alaska.

This meeting eventually led to a business partnership and the start of his new passion.

After the music chapter, Rick took a different path and ventured into gold mining in Alaska.

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Rick Ness’s Gold Rush Journey And Net Worth

After meeting Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness joined forces with Parker on his gold mining venture.

Accepting an offer to fly to Alaska with just 12 days’ notice, Rick started as a rookie but quickly proved his worth.

Moreover, Rick’s experience with heavy machinery, gained from working at his family’s construction company, made him a valuable addition to Parker’s team.

Further, he operated various machines like rock trucks, excavators, loaders, and graders.

Over time, he went from being a truck driver to becoming the leader of Parker’s team.

Rick side profile wearing a cap
Rick appeared on Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2013-2022 (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, he joined the Gold Rush: Alaska shows officially in its second season.

Rick remained with Parker until the eighth season. Starting from the ninth season, Rick became a mine boss.

This move increased his wealth, and he now earns a substantial amount per episode.

Meanwhile, Rick Ness has a large following on social media and owns a net worth of around $5 million.

Nevertheless, given his success, the Wikipedia page might dedicate Rick Ness a page soon to familiarize people more with the details of his life, including the challenges he faced and his achievements.

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