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Rock Brynner Wikipedia: Yul Brynner’s Son Will Be Remembered

The only son of the actor Yul Brynner, Rock Brynner recently passed away on October 13, 2023, and as such many want to know about him and his Wikipedia.

Rock Brynner was 76 at the time of his death.

His close friend Maria Cuomo Cole confirmed that he died due to complications from multiple myeloma in a hospice on October 13.

For those who don’t know, Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells in the bone marrow.

In myeloma, abnormal plasma cells multiply and accumulate, leading to complications like weakened bones, anemia, and impaired immunity.

Rock’s death came as a shock for everyone. He was a multi-talented person, beloved by many.

For this, even those who may not know him have also started to wonder about the Wikipedia of Rock Brynner.

Rock Brynner Wikipedia: Yul Brynner’s Son Will Be Remembered

As the only son of Yul Brynner, there’s been much interest in Rock Brynner and his bio or Wikipedia.

Although Rock Brynner doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of his own, here’s everything you need to know about him.

Rock Brynner was born on December 23, 1946, in Manhattan, NY City, to Yul Brynner and Virginia Gilmore.

He was an actor well-known for his roles in The Last Waltz, Retro Report, and Today

Rock Brynner at childhood
Rock Brynner was very close with his father, Yul Brynner. (Source: Instagram)

Rock moved with his father Yul from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles and eventually landed in Switzerland, where he attended the International School of Geneva.

Starting at Yale but later transferring to Trinity College Dublin, he developed a strong interest in Samuel Beckett’s work.

Meanwhile, Rock pursued a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 1969 and went on to earn a master’s in the same field from Trinity in 1972.

After obtaining his doctorate, he taught at Marist and Western Connecticut State University and authored several works.

These include a novel called The Doomsday Report about climate change.

Similarly, he also wrote Dark Remedy: The Impact of Thalidomide and Its Revival as a Vital Medicine, which is a book on the drug thalidomide and its impact.

Moreover, Rock has written numerous other books as well, like Empire and Odyssey: The Brynners in Far East Russia and Beyond and Natural Power: The New York Power Authority’s Origins and Path to Clean Energy.

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Rock Brynner Marriage, Divorce And Acquaintance With Famous People

Rock Brynner has had a few failed relationships. He had gone through three divorces in total.

At first, he got married to Linda Ridgway in 1973. But sometime later they eventually got divorced due to unspecified reasons.

Then in 1978, he married another woman named Elisabeth Coleman. However, this also didn’t last that long and ended in divorce as well.

Rock Brynner playing guitar
Rock Brynner was a multi-talented person who made his own path (Source: NY Times)

Similarly, for the third time, Rock married Susan Goldman in 1984. And that also didn’t end well leading to their split.

Meanwhile, Rock has never said anything about why he had failed 3 relationships nor has he hinted at any clues. Maybe he wanted to keep it private.

As for children, Rock does have two stepchildren from his wives: Laura Bourret and Brandon Goldman.

Additionally, his sisters, Victoria, Mia, Melody Brynner, and Lark Bryner, who retain the original family name Spelling, also survive him.

Moving on, Rock Brynner is also quite acquainted with other well-known individuals.

In Europe, he joined Muhammad Ali’s entourage and even assisted in setting up a significant bout in Dublin in 1972. Muhammad Ali called him his “bodyguard”.

Upon returning to the U.S. and after addressing his personal challenges, he befriended Robbie Robertson of The Band and even drove their tour bus for a while.

When Robertson sought to create a rock documentary, Brynner introduced him to director Martin Scorsese, which resulted in The Last Waltz in 1978, widely recognized as a top concert film.

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