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Is Russell Brand Into Transgender Or Perhaps Transphobic?

Russell Brand has been trending recently because of serious allegations against him. Amidst those allegations, rumors have arisen that Russell Brand might be into transgender people.

Russell Edward Brand, born on June 4, 1975, in England, is a comedian, writer, actor, activist, and conspiracy theorist. He’s famous for his lively and talkative personality.

Russell earned three British Comedy Awards for his talent and even got nominated for a BAFTA Award.

Throughout his career, Brand has often been in the spotlight, surrounded by media attention and controversies due to various issues.

So, the rumor of Russell Brand being into transgender people or that he might be transphobic isn’t far-fetched.

Is Russell Brand Into Transgender Or Perhaps Transphobic?

The exact start of the rumor isn’t known, but we believe the story started because of a transgender person, Lauren Harries’s allegations against Russell Brand.

In 2013, Lauren Harries claimed that she had a romantic encounter with the comedian in 2006 after meeting him on the set of Big Brother.

Russell Brand at backstage
Russell Brand is also a political activist. (Source: Instagram)

According to Lauren, she and Russell had a rendezvous at a Holiday Inn in Borehamwood, Essex, near the location of Celebrity Big Brother.

Lauren claimed he had flirted with her after her appearance on Big Brother’s Big Mouth, a show he hosted.

She added that they returned to her hotel room, where they became intimate.

She recounted how she had prepared for Russell Brand’s arrival, bathing and putting on seductive lingerie.

However, the experience didn’t meet her expectations.

According to her, after their intimate encounters, the comedian wasn’t interested in pillow talks but preferred watching himself on television.

However, Russell has denied any claims of a sexual relationship with Lauren.

Nevertheless, Lauren maintained that they had been intimate multiple times.

Since Lauren used to be a man and had transitioned to becoming a transgender woman, this has sparked rumors that Russell Brand might be into transgender people.

Russell with his pet dog bear
Russell is mainly noticed with his pet Bear rather than any woman. (Source: Instagram)

But there’s no way to confirm or deny this rumor.

If Russell was in a sexual relationship with Lauren, there might be some truth to the rumor.

As for another rumor that he might be transphobic, there’s no evidence suggesting such a thing.

So it’s likely that he isn’t transphobic, meaning he doesn’t have a prejudice against transgender people.

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Russell Brand Sexuality: Is He Gay?

While on the topic of transgender, there’s also a rumor that Russell Brand is gay or bisexual.

Once, in 2014, he said, “I wish I was bisexual,” as he confirmed that he was splitting from Jemima Khan.

He claimed that he was a “tedious” heterosexual and wished that he liked men as well.

But he has affirmed that he only wished and wasn’t serious about becoming bisexual.

So, these rumors appear to be false, and Russell is most likely a straight person.

Moreover, recent sexual assault accusations made by women could also be a supportive statement to prove Russell is a straight person.

Russell Brand wearing sunglasses
YouTube has suspended Russell Brand’s account’s revenue. (Source: Instagram)

There have been several sexual misconduct allegations since 2006 against him when Australian singer Dannii Minogue accused him of sexual harassment.

On September 16, 2023, claims came to light from five women, four choosing to remain anonymous.

They accused Brand of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse from 2006 to 2013. This information emerged after a collective investigation.

One of the women alleging abuse was 16 years old at the time, while Brand was 31, which is above the age of consent in the UK.

To validate their claims, most of these women seem to have no connections with each other.

But they have kept their identities secret due to concerns about potential public backlash.

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