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Ryan Busse Wikipedia & Age: How Old Is Gunfight Book Author?

Ryan Busse has managed to amass a lot of fan-following after the release of his memoir titled Gunfight. And admirers are now intrigued to know more about Ryan Busse through his Wikipedia.

A former executive in the weapons industry, Ryan Busse is a conservationist, supporter of public lands, and author.

He spent more than 25 years working for Kimber America and Montana Rifle Company. And, eventually, becoming vice president of sales and marketing.

But he left the gun industry in 2019 after growing weary of its political impact and extremism.

In 2021, he published a memoir with the working title Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalised America.

Further, Busse exposes the dark side of the firearms industry as He shows how it has fueled the development of extremism and bloodshed in America in his book.

Busse has garnered quite the attention from his books and his views. However, what interests people at the moment is Ryan Busse Wikipedia.

Who Is Ryan Busse? Wikipedia Details

Ryan Busse Wikipedia page is not present at the moment. However, he isn’t elusive about his private life.

He provides specifics about his upbringing, family, and core beliefs in his books and interviews.

However, several websites make up for Ryan Busse lack of a Wikipedia page.

If Ryan Busse Wikipedia were to exist there would be a similar reference picture
Ryan Busse learned how to hunt and shoot from his father. (Source: Twitter)

Ryan Busse grew up on the property that his grandpa had homesteaded in the 1800s with his parents, Don and Judy Busse.

His father instilled in him the importance of perseverance, conservation, and respect for the environment. His mother instilled morality and religion in him.

Busse has a brother named Charles Busse, who resides in Cavalier, North Dakota.

Further, Busse is married to Sara, who also came from a Kansas hunting family. Together, they have two sons named Lander and Badge.

Despite the lack of a Ryan Busse Wikipedia, his memoir offers some good insights into his views and values.

Former guns executive Ryan Busse was pivotal in creating one of the most recognizable gun firms in the world.

He has succeeded in being well-known to the public. However, he has yet to make a Ryan Busse Wikipedia page.

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How Old Is Gunfight Book Author? Ryan Busse Age

Due to the lack of Ryan Busse Wikipedia, people are unable to access information on his age.

Ryan Busse was born on 23 February 1970 in Kansas and is of American descent. Therefore, this indicates that he is around 53 years old now.

Likewise, he is 5 feet 11 inches tall, with a muscular build and appears to be a healthy weight.

Ryan Busse taking a selfie with his wife infront of a rainbow
Ryan Busse was a rising star in the gun industry but left it in 2019. (Source: Twitter)

With his age, he has seen how the gun industry and American society have changed.

He has also worked towards his aspirations, whether they be to write a book, own a company, or run for public office.

He seems to have embraced his age and appreciates the richness and diversity of the knowledge he has gained along the way.

Instead of looking at his age as a hindrance, he looks at it as his badge of honor.

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What Is His Career Details? Gun Industry

He left the gun industry in 2019 after growing frustrated with its political impact and extremism.

He has held several executive positions for conservation groups such as the Montana Wildlife Federation, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Ryan Busse taking a picture with his admirers at a concert.
Ryan Busse’s wife encouraged him to write his memoir. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Busse served as a consultant for the Biden presidential campaign and the US Senate Sportsmen’s Caucus.

He currently offers advisory services to progressive groups working to reverse the dangerous radicalization of the nation.

Busse is running against Republican Governor Greg Gianforte for the Democratic nomination in Montana in 2024.

He intends to provide a new viewpoint to the state’s politics and handle topics such as climate change, public lands, health care, and education.

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