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Who Is Shanda Vander Ark Son Timothy & Paul? Photos And Age

The case of Shanda Vander Ark has shocked many, and they are searching for the details of her son to understand the case more clearly. Find out more further in this article.

Hailing from Michigan, Shanda Vander Ark testified against the abuse and murder of her disabled son.

She committed a heinous crime driven purely by hatred, which quickly became the headlines of the news.

Further, Shanda expressed her guilt in court, which was witnessed by the family members, including her other children.

As details of the case unveil, people rush to find out more about the son of Shanda Vander Ark.

Who Is Shanda Vander Ark Son Timothy And Paul? Photos And Age

The murder case has shed light on the personal details of Shanda Vander Ark and her son.

While committing the crime, Shanda was married to Adam Vander and had five biological children.

Further, she lived on the North Shore after her husband had a severe case of stroke and moved away.

Shanda Ark son, Timothy Ferguson
Timothy’s parents home-schooled him as he was a special needs child. (Source: Twitter)

The mother had the responsibility to look after her 15-year-old disabled son, Timothy, along with two of his siblings.

Moreover, Timothy had ADHD, autism, and speech and motor impairment and required constant guidance.

According to the testimony provided by Shanda’s older son, Paul, the teen had to take regular medication.

However, Shanda denied providing any medical care to the boy, which worsened his condition.

Similarly, Timothy’s mother did not allow him to leave the house, and she home-schooled him.

Shanda constantly had her eyes on the teen as she set up motion-detecting cameras in the house to watch Timothy’s movement.

Additionally, Timothy’s 20-year-old brother, Paul, was in on the plan as he aided his mother in the crime.

Paul Ferguson, Shanda Ark son
Paul testified against his mother in court. (Source: Twitter)

When the teen came to live in North Shore, he had a healthy physical appearance.

After living with his mother for a few years, Shanda placed Timothy under a dietary restriction by locking the freezer and pantry in the house.

Meanwhile, Timothy was put inside a closet and left to starve if he tried to lash out and demand food.

Such constant torture led to the unfortunate death of the teen, and his mother and older sibling faced harsh trials.

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Horrifying Murder Of Timothy: Shanda Pleads Guilty With Lifetime Imprisonment

Recently, Shanda Vander Ark vomited in court after she was shown horrifying pictures of her starving son.

Shanda was on trial for the murder and torture of Timothy, who died at their home on July 6, 2022.

Further, an autopsy revealed that he had died from malnourishment and hypothermia.

Shanda Ark in front of the judge
Shanda denied starving her teen son. (Source: Twitter)

As authorities investigated the case, revelations came that Shanda fed Timothy bread covered in hot sauce as punishment.

Previously, she testified that she had purchased spicy hot sauce online after her older son thought it would be a good idea.

Moreover, Shanda deprived Timothy of sleep and often forced him into ice baths.

During her turn on the witness trial, Shanda Vander Ark began hyperventilating and showing signs of mental breakdown.

However, Shanda and Paul’s text chains revealed they had planned their actions.

Similarly, the legal authorities found her guilty of first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse.

The court is scheduling to sentence Shanda on January 29, 2024, and the individual faces life in prison.

Shanda with her lawyer
Shanda has lost custody of her other children. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, Timothy’s older brother, Paul, has also faced charges of child abuse but testified against their mother.

The 20-year-old revealed that he accompanied his mother in the crime as he experienced Stockholm Syndrome.

Moreover, hours before Timothy died, Paul allegedly put his brother in a nine-hour ice bath.

He confessed to the jury that he had abused his brother at his mother’s instructions.

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