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Shannon Sharpe Total Wine Video: Is He Going Viral For Surgery?

Being a prominent football player, every minute detail of Shannon Sharpe becomes a topic of debate. Recently, a video of Shannon Sharpe near Total Wine has gone viral for his mannerisms in the clip. So, what’s the fuss about? Let’s find out!

Shannon Sharpe is a former football tight end who played 14 seasons in the NFL with the Denver Broncos.

He has earned the honor of one of the greatest tight end receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns.

Previously, Sharpe played college football for the Savannah State Tigers and was selected in the NFL Draft in the ’90s.

Further, his career was filled with notable achievements earning him a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After retirement, Sharpe worked as an analyst for The NFL Today and co-hosted Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

Given his popularity, the life of Shannon Sharpe is a public spectacle as a clip at Total Wine has gone viral recently.

Shannon Sharpe Total Wine Video: Is He Going Viral For Surgery?

Recently, Shannon Sharpe made an appearance outside of Total Wine, a family-owned alcohol retailer and restaurant.

In the video, Sharpe gets out of his car wearing a tight green jumpsuit and an orange fanny pack.

Further, the football player notes that he wants to have a relaxing day after a long night of work.

Shannon Sharpe near Total Wine
People questioned Sharpe’s sexuality after the video.

Soon after getting out of the car, Sharpe claims that he waited in line for a while before making his stop at Total Wine.

However, the clip didn’t go viral for the things stated by the player, but for his mannerisms.

According to users, Sharpe got out of the vehicle in a feminine way and stood similarly.

Additionally, many noted that the posture was zesty referring to the outfit and hand movement of the player.

In a matter of hours, people began making memes out of the clip outside of the restaurant.

As the jokes flooded in, they remarked that Sharpe got his fit from Fashion Nova, an online store for women.

Shannon Sharpe sitting in a couch
Sharpe has three children from different relationships. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, users posted the Total Wine video on TikTok, which made Shannon Sharpe a trending topic.

Along with many comments, users didn’t hold back and even compared Sharpe and Mrs. Netta.

Amidst the notes, some of his fans rooted for the player and claimed his posture was due to a recent hip surgery.

Despite the clarification, people haven’t stopped mocking Shannon Sharpe for his Total Wine video.

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Double Hip Replacement Surgery: Cause For Shannon Sharpe Walk

After the clip went viral, many came to learn about the double hip replacement surgery that the player went through.

Previously, Sharpe had a knee replacement surgery after years on the football field.

Further, the player had been open about the complications with his hips before opting for surgery.

Shannon Sharpe in a pink suit
Sharpe’s time on the field affected his health. (Source: Instagram)

He stated that exercising and daily tasks were difficult before the operation, but a titanium replacement made it all better.

Similarly, Sharpe emphasized that the hip replacement gave him a new life and the ability to do things that he loves.

In a podcast episode for Nighcap, he delved into the surgery and talked about how the condition was hereditary.

Along with Sharpe, his siblings have had their hips replaced due to several complications.

With the motive to assure his viewers, the player noted that the surgery went on without difficulties.

Moreover, it only took an hour to conduct the operation which came as a surprise to Sharpe.

Shannon in a white work wear
Sharpe exercises to keep his joints healthy. (Source: Instagram)

Looking back at his video at Total Wine, it is evident that Sharpe has notable changes in his walk.

Likewise, people can only regain 90% of their normal walking range of motion after hip replacement surgery.

So, it was clear that Sharpe was undergoing his recovery stage, which became a viral topic on the internet.

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