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Shawn Kelce Wikipedia: Who Is The So-Called Eldest Of Kelce Brothers?

Unlike Travis Kelce, the alleged ‘Third Kelce Brother’ Shawn Kelce does not have Wikipedia of his name yet. But he is grabbing attention with a recent video with Donna has fueled the fire of his rising fame.

Shawn Kelce is the so-called lesser-known ‘oldest brother’ of the famous NFL Kelce brothers Jason and Travis Kelce.

It was only when a TikTok video began surfacing on the internet that people started getting curious about him.

The TikTok video featuring Shawn and his mother, Donna Kelce, went viral. And it made him famously known as the ‘third Kelce brother.’

Now, netizens were looking for Shawn Kelce Wikipedia page to learn the truth if he really is the eldest Kelce brother.

Shawn Kelce Wikipedia: Is He Really The Third Kelce Brother?

In the video, Shawn funnily says that it is sometimes ‘rough’ for him to be known as the lesser-known Kelce brother.

Shawn Kelce won many hearts with his humorous digs at his brother and himself.

He also added that he always watches his brothers’ matches and is always supporting them.

Most of the time, he watches them on the TV screen but sometimes manages to be in the stadium supporting them.

People are just loving the humorous statements from the viral Shawn KleceTikTok video. (Source: Twitter)

After the light was starting to shed on Shawn, it was surprising for people to discover that Shawn Kelce has his podcast, ‘Kelcecast.’

However, Shawn adds that many people only know about the podcast accidentally when they search for Travis or Jason Kelce’s podcast.

Shawn’s decision to stay lowkey is very surprising to many Kelce brothers fans.

As many news articles and famous media often regard the Kelce family as the ‘family of four,’ referring to Kelce’s parents, Jason and Travis.

Sadly, Shawn Kelce also does not have a Wikipedia to prove his relationship with the Kelce brothers.

Further, the reasoning behind the sudden appearance of Shawn is weird to many netizens.

Interestingly, the whole video of Donna and Shawn was a skit to make it seem like the Kelce family has three sons, with one ignored entirely.

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Shawn Kelce: The Unsung Hero Of The Kelce Family?

In the viral TikTok video, Donna says that Shawn does have his fair share of talents, and she always knew it.

However, she also humorously adds that she wishes him to ‘move out of her basement.’

This statement of her may imply that Shawn is still living with her mother, but it is not true.

It was all a planned skit in collaboration with Donna Kelce and CBS.

Shawn Kelce Wikipedia
The skit might be the funniest ever Kelce video on the internet, and fans want more of it. (Source: Twitter)

Shawn and Donna have made the Kelce brother’s fans laugh out loud with their cute skit.

Now they want a Shawn Kelce Wikipedia, just like his younger brothers, to know more about him.

Fans are now desperately waiting for the ‘real’ Kelce brothers to meet Shawn and interact with him.

It will be fun to see what they come up with on their next skit.

The NFL star fans would love to see their player’s funny side with their so-called older brother, Shawn Kelce.

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