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Sheila Carrasco Wikipedia: Why Is Ghosts Flower Actress Leaving?

Ghosts Season 2 ending and the premiere of Season 3 hinted that someone is leaving as Rose Mclver bid goodbye to a ghost. To fans’ surprise, Sheila Carrasco, the Flower, left, making them look for her Wikipedia for details.

Sheila Carrasco, born Sheila Yael Carrasco on May 16, between 1989 and 1990, is a multi-talented American actress.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Sheila’s journey in the entertainment industry is diverse and captivating.

Her notable credits in popular T.V. shows like I Think You Should Leave, The Good Place, Outmatched, and American Housewife helped her succeed.

Meanwhile, her role as Flower in the CBS series Ghosts from 2021 marked her unbeatable presence in the acting world.

However, the Season 3 premiere of Ghosts The Owl revealed that Sheila Carrasco’s role will get “sucked off.”

This revelation from the producers and writers has made fans curious about why Sheila Carrasco is leaving the show, increasing the search for her Wikipedia.

Sheila Carrasco Wikipedia, Age: Family And Husband Of Ghosts Flower Actress

Despite the name Sheila Carrasco has made for herself in the entertainment industry, Wikipedia has yet to dedicate a page for her.

However, we have brought you every detail that you can expect from the Wikipedia of Sheila Carrasco.

Sheila Carrasco is a 32-year-old versatile actress born to parents Oscar Carrasco and Joyce Carrasco.

Her father, Oscar Carrasco, is Chile’s retired United Methodist pastor and superintendent.

Sheila with her parents, husband, and sister
Sheila loves spending time with her family despite her busy schedule. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Sheila’s mother, Joyce Carrasco, is an American who met her father in Temuco and fell in love.

Thanks to that, Sheila Carrasco’s ethnicity is half Chilean/Mapuche and half white American.

The actress seems to love and admire her parents as a source of inspiration.

As for her siblings, Sheila has a brother working as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, while her sister is also in the same post in the U.S. Air Force.

Looking at the family background, the actress had a great upbringing, which was visible through her vibrant character.

Meanwhile, Sheila is no less. She completed her BFA from NYU Tisch School of Arts and an MFA from Harvard University.

Sheila Carrasco with her baby and husband sleeping on sofa
Sheila welcomed a baby girl and is enjoying her journey as a new mom. (Source: Instagram)

Moving on, Sheila Carrasco has created her own family by marrying her partner Josh in 2017 and continuing till today.

Moreover, the couple has recently welcomed their first baby, Miri, together on November 28, 2023.

Nevertheless, the actress efficiently balances her time between her career and family, as she was still filming during her pregnancy.

However, Sheila’s departure has shocked every fan since she seemed determined despite any barrier past her.

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Why Is Ghosts Flower Actress Sheila Carrasco Leaving Show?

The Wikipedia article of Sheila Carrasco is incomplete without the reasons for her recent news and surprise in the Ghosts Season 3 premiere.

In the premiere, the show characters bid farewell to Flower (Sheila) as she gets “sucked off,” where ghosts are sent to heaven or hell.

Regarding the character, Flower is a hippie ghost from the 1960s, living in limbo after a bear accident took her life.

Her role was crucial and fun to watch as everyone enjoyed the chemistry of Flower with Sam (Rose Mclver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar).

Sheila Carrasco as flower with Ghosts character Trevor and Thor
Sheila’s character Flower’s real name is Susan Montero. (Source: GHOSTS Fandom)

Meanwhile, this is also why the show writer and producer removed Sheila’s role from the show.

In an interview, the executive producer Joe Port said,

We wanted to be someone who’d have an impact on the other ghosts and obviously on Sam and Jay to some degree.

Even the writer did not know which of the ghosts would be “sucked off” till the Season 2 finale. They thought to have someone consequential.

So, at last, Sheila Carrasco’s character Flower became the one to leave the show.

Moreover, the show producers implied that Sheila Carrasco leaving the show is on good terms, with no hard feelings attached.

They even implied that Sheila might have a comeback once the plot builds up a little jealousy, giving the series a new twist.

Nevertheless, Ghosts lover should tighten their seatbelt and enjoy Season 3, released on February 15, 2024.

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