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The Boy And The Heron Release Australia Date: Last Masterpiece Of Miyazaki

While the supposedly last creation of Miyazaki, The Boy And The Heron, is making headlines in Japan with blockbuster box office, fans in Australia are still waiting for its release date.

For the last decade, Studio Ghilbi fans have been desperately waiting for Miyazaki to release another heartwarming movie.

The fans had almost given up hope, but Miyazaki surprised them with his alleged last film, The Boy and The Heron.

The surprise factor was also because the makers underpromoted the movie to avoid spoilers.

Ever since The Boy and The Heron movie premiered in Japan, fans all over the world have been waiting for the movie to be released in their country, including in Australia.

When Will The Boy and The Heron Release In Australia? Possible Dates

The makers have already shared the release dates and the streaming availabilities with fans in Japan and the US.

Now, the question is about the release date of The Boy and The Heron in Australia.

Masato’s character development throughout the movies is commendable, as said by the fans. (Source; Instagram)

While there have been no official announcements about the Australia release, there are some speculations.

A fan on Reddit speculated that it might be released on the 6th of October. To which another fan replied that it is highly unlikely.

The possibility of another awaited movie, Madman, to get the distribution rights before the Studio Ghibli movie makes it unsure.

The fan also suggested that it is possible that the film might only be released in January of 2024.

Further, the Australian Studio Ghibli fans wish that the movie hopefully gets an IMAX release.

Female lead Boy and the heron
It is amazing how even an animated character can give us so many emotions. (Source: Instagram)

There is another assumption that since GKIDS is releasing the movie in the US on the 8th of December, it can likely be the case for Australia, too.

With that said, there is no conformation by the makers to prove these speculations.

Studio Ghibli has had amazing responses from Australian fans for its previous movies. So, they might be waiting for the perfect dates to finally announce it.

There might be several reasons why they are still taking their time to decide the release date of The Boy and The Heron in Australia.

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Australian Fans Await The Last Masterpiece Of Miyazaki: Speculations For Delay

Since it’s a very awaited film, maybe they do not want it to clash with any other major movies.

The maker’s decision to underpromote the movie was just for the sake of spoilers.

The boy and the Heron scene
Each and every scene from the movie looks like a masterpiece. (Source: Instagram)

This suggests that they wouldn’t want major gaps between the release dates in different countries.

Maybe the Australian fans will have to wait a little longer, or the date will soon be revealed.

Whatever the scenario might be, it will definitely be worth the wait.

Those who have already seen the film have nothing but amazing things to say about The Boy and The Heron.

That explains why the fans are so eager to watch the film, but again, there are many other reasons for it.

Cute Chracaters
Studio Ghibli produces movies with the cutest characters. (Source: Instagram)

Of course, the Miyazaki factor is the big reason, but they are also extremely curious about the story itself.

Since the film is based on the 1937 novel with the same title, fans now want to see how their favorite writer portrays it in animated form.

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