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25 Things Holding You Back From Achieving Success

What could be holding you back from achieving your dream life?

Let’s face it. Most times people aren’t even aware of what’s truly holding them back.

One might think he is doing everything possible to succeed but sometimes tends to miss the blind spot.

Successful people are always the ones who work the hardest; there is no doubt about that.

It’s not that they are the lucky ones.

They put their best in whatever they do.

It’s just that they put in the effort, perseverance, and time and became better eventually.

Success (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

Perhaps your dream is to live like a celebrity, a saint, or your role model.

So, what could be the reason you are not one of them? Are they better? What makes them different from us?

Let us find out.

There could be many reasons behind one’s success or failure.

You are not successful now doesn’t mean that you are a loser and will not be able to do anything in life.

All in all, your habits, morals, and determination can change your life for the better.

Quick Overview

25) Economy
24) Lack of Determination
23) No Adventure
22) Not doing what you truly want
21) Repetition of Mistakes
20) Priorities
19) Distraction
18) Inability to Express Oneself
17) Mental Health
16) Excuses
15) Too Many Expectations
14) Not Carrying Out the Action
13) Unmanaged Time
12) Bad Company
11) Lack of Confidence
10) Seeking Approval
9) Procrastination
8) Tragedy
7) Unhealthy Habits
6) Lack of Self-esteem
5) Inability to accept changes
4) Aimless Life
3) Laziness
2) Fear of Failure
1) Yourself

25) Economy

You may be broke and have nothing to start your venture. In this case, you should come up with a strategic plan to succeed.

It could be working 24/7 until you have enough savings, or you could invest in something smart, but you need to start from somewhere.

Money (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

Oprah Winfrey and Ralph Lauren did not have a lavish life from the beginning. They earned and collected each and every dime before they started something on their own.

They built their life and, so can you.

24) Lack of Determination

Persistent nature is key to success.

If you are working on one project, you must be determined to complete it. Your lack of dedication and determination results in failure.

Ultimately, you will end up with nothing.

Successful people have fear, doubts, and worries but what they also have is the determination to complete what they’ve started.

23) No Adventure

You might be working in fashion for so long and not getting anywhere, or your core talent could be art.

So, you might want to give sketching a chance.

You can be whatever you want to with sheer determination, but you should try few things first.

You never know what is meant for you.

22) Not Doing What You Truly Want

You should realize what you truly want. There are many successful people who started in a different field and called it quits after realizing that it wasn’t quite for them.

If you have a deep interest in something, never ignore that.

The other job could be paying you more.

But in the end, what is life if you don’t do what you love?

Also, when you do something that deeply interests you, you will never get bored or tired.

Every problem comes as a challenge to you.

On the other hand, if you do something you don’t want to, you eventually get stuck, with no chance of moving further.

21) Repetition of Mistakes

Mistakes serve as a valuable learning opportunity.

However, the problem begins if you don’t learn from the mistake and repeat the same actions over and over again.

Moreover, failing is not the end of the world. You should find out your mistakes and sidestep those.

When you don’t analyze the reason for your failure, you go round and round, making the same mistakes.

20) Priorities

What you prioritize in your life makes a big difference.

For instance: If you are working on a project, then the project should be your priority above anything else. Few minor setbacks are okay, but just complete that project you started before getting distracted.

Usually, people prioritize a good life above anything else.

Yes, a good and simple life should be what you want in life.

You need to understand yourself truly, then set your priorities.

19) Distraction

Distraction could be your video games, television, Netflix, sleep, or anything that occupies your productive time.

It is very crucial to recognize that “You Are Wasting Your Time.”

Also, you should not let distractions control you.

Once you realize and adapt, you will have so much time for yourself and your goals in life.

18) Inability to Express Oneself

You could have brilliant plans in your mind, and if you cannot express or communicate that to others, the exemplary plan becomes pointless.

For instance: You are in an official presentation, and if you cannot express your thoughts, your whole work will become worthless.

So, learning to communicate is a fundamental factor not just in personal life but also in professional life.

17) Mental Health

Mental health and stability is a critical aspect in life.

In this era of technology, almost all of us are introverts.

We feel weird in conversations and crowds.

Mental Health
Mental Health (Source: adva.org)

Without any close ones, we lack an outlet for our emotions.

With an unpleasant and chaotic mind, we are unable to give our best.

Hence, it brings us down in all aspects of life.

Few things you can do are accept your anxiety, practice deep breathing, meditate, do yoga, or you can seek professional help.

16) Excuses

We make excuses all the time, don’t we?

Excuses (Source: maxpixel.net)

The weather is gloomy; let’s call it an off day. It feels weird; let’s make it a cheat day and skip the gym.

Excuses after excuses not only delay your success but also enhances the chance of your failure.

This point is co-related with all the topics mentioned in this article.

Most of the rich in the present were poor in the past, a surprising percentage of successful people never attended college. So what’s your excuse?

15) Too Much Expectations

You can have an expectation but not too much.

Having too many expectations can hurt you badly.

If you don’t have too many expectations, no matter what the result is, you will be satisfied with it.

However, if you have too many expectations, you end up torturing yourself.

14) Not Carrying Out the Action

Despite having the perfect plan in your mind, if you cannot act accordingly, your plan becomes useless.

Dreaming is good. But working on the dream and making it a reality is the best.

Having great ideas in your mind is excellent and if you have a bigger picture of where you want to be when you know exactly what you need to work on.

Daily action is what brings you closer to your goal, so why haven’t you started yet?

13) Unmanaged Time

You might do everything right, but if you cannot manage your time, everything becomes worthless.

That’s how important time can be.

Time (Source: pxfuel.com)

In addition to that, there is a right time for everything.

You need to understand that and mind your own business.

To improve your schedule, you can definitely make a daily schedule or a list of tasks to accomplish in the period of time.

12) Bad Company

Personally, I feel like this aspect unknowingly affects your life.

Undoubtedly, being with people who are growing enhances your life and motivates you.

People with big dreams who work towards it are the best people to be around.

They uplift their surrounding along with themself.

With the positive vibes all around you, you can truly become the best version of yourself.

However, when you are in bad company, you feel pessimistic about your life.

From your work to your personal life, everything feels broken.

In addition to that, toxic people bring you down even when you try to grow.

So, you should identify these people and cut them out from your life as soon as possible.

11) Lack of Confidence

You might have the right words in mind, but you don’t have the confidence to come forward.

Have you ever thought about why didn’t you act in the way that person is acting in your mind?

Communicating and confidence come side by side.

Believe in Yourself
Believe in Yourself (Source: pixabay.com)

Of course, we like talking to people who communicate with the same energy.

If someone doesn’t reciprocate with our energy level, the conversation feels lousy. As a result, no one vibes with us.

Be it the initiation of a conversation with people or standing up for something, check the facts, be more yes but also more no, and always prepare for the worst.

Fun Fact: If you’re feeling low and anxious, chewing piece of gum can help you calm your nerves.

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10) Seeking Approval

“Don’t wait for approval; don’t forget to appreciate the beauties of your life.” Debasish Mridha.

Another thing that could be holding you back might be seeking approval.

If you cannot express yourself freely, then you are susceptible to approval seeking.

When you seek approval, you will never be able to be your true self.

Therefore you need to be confident enough to do some of the things yourself without having to seek approval.

And also, make sure you value yourself.

9) Procrastination

This might be one of the major habits that you show to get rid of as soon as possible.

Keeping things for later stacks one task on top of another, and ultimately, you cannot complete anything.

There are few steps you can follow to get rid of it.

Procrastination (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

You should work out why you’re procrastinating, recognize that you are indeed procrastinating this will make you feel a whole lot better.

Congratulations! You just did the first step.

After that, you can commit something, promise yourself a reward, forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past and ask someone to check up on you.

Another thing you should do is minimize distraction because distraction can slip away your chance of success.

8) Tragedy

Tragedy doesn’t let you move forward in life.

It could be an unpleasant experience, loss of someone, heartbreak, accident, or anything unusual.

If something like this is holding you back, the best thing for you to do is just talk to someone and express yourself.

It could be your friend, your partner, or someone close.

You can even go for therapy in such a case.

7) Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits can be a major factor in pulling you down.

From drugs to being extravagant, all these habits ultimately bring you down.

Thing Holding You Back Smoking
Smoking (Source: pixnio.com)

Unhealthy habits only make it worse and hold you back from your success. Therefore you need to get rid of these habits or just try to.

Even cutting down your cigarettes can make a huge difference in life. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself.

6) Lack of Self-esteem

One of the most important things in life is self-esteem.

If you don’t have low self-esteem, you won’t respect yourself or your body.

When you don’t respect your body, you will not be at peace with yourself.

Eating unhealthy, smoking, drinking is some consequences.

Poor confidence, lack of control, negative social comparison, and problems asking for what you need are the things that lower your self-esteem.

Whenever you are feeling low, just remember you are important, and if it was not for you, the world might have been different.

5) Inability to Accept Changes

Change is a part of our life. Our life is constantly changing, and we should have the courage to accept it.

However, if we cannot cope up with change, just minor stress can make us feel overwhelmed.

You should just accept the change but fight consistently for the future. Don’t stress about stressing out, and focus on your values instead of your fears.

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Whatever may come, you should be strong and carry on to life.

4) Aimless Life

You cannot focus if you don’t know what you want to do or who you want to become.

To focus, you need ambition.

Thing Holding You Back Aimless
Aimless (Source: pxfuel.com)

Without goals and a plan to achieve success is like running without a finishing line. You are running nowhere!

Therefore in life, when you have a dream, a goal to reach up to, you will give your everything to achieve it.

3) Laziness

Laziness just sabotages your dreams, and they go nowhere in life.

So what triggers laziness?

One of the reasons might be your unhealthy lifestyle.

Thing Holding You Back Lazy
Lazy (Source:flickr.com)

Fast food, lack of exercise, high screen time, unhealthy habits contribute to a lazy life.

So to overcome your laziness, you might wanna try few things such as meditation, yoga among others. You should find the thing that can make your blood pumping and force you to carry on.

Furthermore, waking up early can be one of the first steps towards an active life.

2) Fear of Failure

There’s a huge reason why so many people that fail the first time never try again.

It’s absolutely demotivating to put all your hard work into a project and then witness it fail right in front of your eyes.

Fear of failure might end one’s dream without even starting it.

Thing Holding You Back Fear of Failure
Fear of Failure (Source:stockvault.net)

You give in your everything, including your time, effort, and hard work, and failing just puts an end to everything. But if you can look into it’s the positive part, it teaches you a lot.

So don’t let your fear consume you entirely.

1) Yourself

Lastly, you yourself could be the reason for your failure.

Whatever you say, it is you who makes excuses, procrastinates, or has bad company.

Only you know what goes around in your mind and your life. So, only you know why you are not putting in the effort.

It could be laziness, procrastination, or bad habits.

Since you know the reason, only you can help yourself. You can go for therapy, travel places, or just meditate, but whatever you do, start fresh and carry on.

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