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This Was Television On January 24

1982: Super Bowl XVI sets a record

As one of the few remaining T.V. events consistently attracting an enormous audience, the National Football League’s annual championship game occupies more spots on the list of highest-rated broadcasts than any other program.

But while the total number of viewers is higher than ever, the best-rated Super Bowl by Nielsen metrics remains the San Francisco 49ers 26–21 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Pontiac, MI’s Silverdome.

CBS aired the game with a 49 rating and a 73 share. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Tatyana Ali, kid sister (34); Mischa Barton, OC-ite (27); John Belushi, Not-Ready-For-Primetime Player (d. 1982); William Bogert, character actor (77); Ernest Borgnine, naval officer (d. 2012); Jack Brickhouse, sportscaster (d. 1998); Ed Helms, Scrantonian (39); Phil LaMarr, Lantern Corps member (46); Oral Roberts, televangelist (d. 2009); Kristen Schaal, rabbit-ears sporter (35).

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