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This Was Television On November 20

1983: The Day After Airs

ABC aired The Day After, a television movie that served as a significant source of controversy and concern.

This film depicted the aftermath of a nuclear war, focusing on the experiences of a small group of survivors in Kansas.

The notable cast included Steve Guttenberg, John Lithgow, Jason Robards, and JoBeth Williams.

Airing during a period of heightened Cold War tensions and renewed pop culture interest in this era, The Day After was especially remarkable for its serious and implicitly pacifist message.

The broadcast attracted an audience of 100 million viewers, making it one of the most widely viewed TV movies in history. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Kaye Ballard, a comic (87); Dan Byrd, known for his role in Cougar Town (27); Richard Dawson, the arbiter of feuds (d. 2012); Bob Einstein, a stuntman (70); Joshua Gomez, a store manager (37); Sabrina Lloyd, an associate producer (42); Richard Masur, an accordionist (64); Joel McHale, recognized as a Human Being (41); Estelle Parsons, a character actress (85); Dick Smothers, a brother (73); Callie Thorne, a Balmer cop (43);

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