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Todd Hoffman Net Worth: TV Career & Lifestyle

One of the famous TV personalities, Todd Hoffman’s net worth, is $8 million.

Todd Hoffman became famous gold miner as a result of the Discovery Network’s hit show “Gold Rush“.

The show has aired for several seasons and has consistently been a network top-rated television program.

Todd Hoffman (Source: Pinterest)

Fans of Gold Rush immediately recognize Todd Hoffman thanks to his long and recognizable beard.

Hoffman restored his family’s finances when his company was severely harmed by the 2008 crisis.

He switched to gold mining, and his family was able to maintain their living standards as a consequence of his quick thinking.

Todd Hoffman | Quick Facts

Let us explore further into the personal life of famed gold miner Todd Hoffman.

Full Name Todd Hoffman
Celebrated As Todd Hoffman
Date of Birth April 12, 1969
Place of Birth Sandy, Oregon, U.S.A
Residency Alaska
Age 55 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Gender Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Religion Christian
Father Jack Hoffman
Mother Georgia Hoffman
Relationship Status Married
Wife Shawna Hoffman
Children Hunter Hoffman
Height 5feet 10 Inches
Weight 90 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Education Northwestern Christian University
Profession TV Personality
 Social Media TwitterInstagram
Net Worth $8 Million
Last Update May 2024

Todd Hoffman | Net Worth and Income

As of  2024, Todd Hoffman’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Despite the fact that his net worth fluctuates on a regular basis, Hoffman seems to have enough assets to keep his family’s finances secure.

He is one of the superstars of a popular television program that’s seen by millions of people all around the world. In fact, Hoffman has a terrific deal with the Discovery Network.

Let’s not forget that his primary business is still digging for gold, and by the sight of his program, he’s been pretty good at it so far.

In fact, Todd set various mining records on the show, including collecting 803 oz. of gold. He made approximately $1.3 million from this single mine.

Many viewers may believe Todd Hoffman isn’t reasonably wealthy based on the way he appears to struggle to make ends meet on Gold Rush.

However, his earnings from the show, combined with his gold earnings, have made him a millionaire.

Todd Hoffman’s appearance on Gold Rush brought him more than just unexpected fame.

According to rumors, he earned between $200,000 and $400,000 every season. This means he was paid around $25,000 every episode.

He also makes millions from his various business ventures and endorsement deals.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth in Different Currencies

Apart from Todd Hoffman’s income, let’s have a look at his net worth in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 6,732,360
Pound Sterling £ 5,740,680
Australian Dollar A$ 10,792,520
Canadian Dollar C$ 10,036,320
Indian Rupee ₹ 593,016,400
Bitcoin ฿ 207

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Todd Hoffman | Houses and Cars


Gold miner Todd Hoffman’s net worth as of May 2024 is a massive $8 million.

The affluent man lives in Alaska with his family. Todd has not disclosed his exact house address for security concerns.

However, based on his net worth and lifestyle, we may safely assume that his house is worth at least half a million.

In addition, in his Instagram pictures, he has provided a glimpse into his house decor.

The house’s interiors seem rather stunning, with some old works of art decorating the walls.


Todd Hoffman adores classic vehicles, and he has acquired a number of them with the riches he has amassed via mining.

His favorite car is a 1972 Chevy Camaro.

He also owns a 1949 Chevy 3100 Five Window truck that seems to be virtually dead on the exterior but is fully loaded on the inside.

While he has multiple automobiles, The Ram 2500 is his go-to vehicle.

Todd's Dodge RAM Truck
Todd’s Dodge RAM Truck (source: Instagram Profile)

But when it comes to his family, he prefers Chevrolet Suburban.

Having a huge bank balance also adds creativity to one’s living style. So wealthy Hoffman has an acquired motorhome.

The Hoffmans have an RV, which allows them to travel in elegance.

Moreover, his passion for automobiles is so strong that he agreed to co-produce a car show with Pluto.

Todd Hoffman | Lifestyle and Vacations

As of May 2024, Todd Hoffman’s net worth is a staggering $8 million.

Outside of his regular broadcast appearances, audiences are unlikely to have seen much of Todd Hoffman.

Todd is very sporty and spends his leisure time in sports, especially basketball.

The basketball jerseys he occasionally wears during filming give a few hints that Todd Hoffman enjoys basketball outside of the show.

Todd appears to be happily married to Shauna Hoffman, with whom he has two sons, Hunter and Hudson.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth- Todd-wife
Todd and His Wife (Source: Pinterest)

He loves his family so much.

Todd is cautious and shares as little of his personal life as possible with the public.

Recently, he shared a picture of his first newly born grandchild. 

Todd has not been involved in any controversies, and his personal life is completely private.

This is because he is a family-oriented man who strives to keep his loved ones secure and out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Gold mining is a fairly seasonal industry, and miners are only allowed to dig in Alaska for around five months.

Hoffman spends as much time as he can with his children during the offseason, going on excursions to destinations like Disneyland.

Todd Hoffman | Charity

Todd Hoffman has made significant investments in many projects, including the Sober Living Facility in Oregon.

It assists persons suffering from addictions in turning their life around and starting with a fresh mind.

Hoffman is the project’s marketing manager, and he has put his own money into it.

Similarly, one of his businesses is dedicated to assisting those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Todd established a treatment center in order to improve the lives of individuals in need.

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Todd Hoffman | TV Series, Music, Investments, and Endorsements

TV Series

Hoffman has an outstanding portfolio, having starred in a number of documentaries and series.

He first featured in “The Long Road” and “Do or Die” in 2012.

Since then, he appeared in Fox and Friends in 2013, Home and Family in 2015, and various seasons of the Gold Rush franchise.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth- Todd-gold
The Cast of Gold Rush (Source: Pinterest)

Todd also appears to be considering writing and directing big-budget films!

Hoffman and his newly formed Zum productions are dedicating their time and resources to a fresh new reality series called Greenhorn Gold.

Recently, the Discovery channel declared that Todd Huffman is going to star in a new series.

Todd will undoubtedly accumulate quick money if the show gets off to a strong start.


When Todd Hoffman left Gold Rush at the end of season 8, many fans were left wondering what he will do next.

According to a local magazine, he aspired to be a singer. You can also check some of his cover songs on YouTube.

He has published music on digital platforms such as Spotify after posting a number of cover songs online.

Huffman has monetized his channel, and he has more than 15ok subscribers.


Hoffman had become the proud owner of a tiny airfield in Oregon long before mining was ever on his radar.

For a time, this airport functioned as a significant source of revenue, but the business finally dried up, and Todd shifted his focus elsewhere.

Todd still owns the airport, despite the fact that it doesn’t make a lot of money.

Todd Hoffman, who had spent almost a decade in front of the camera for Gold Rush, also departed because he wanted to focus more on the production side of things.

Hoffman co-founded ZÜM Media in 2015, with the goal of producing media across a wide range of platforms, including some featuring Todd himself.

Moreover, Todd is also a founder of 316 Mining Company which has given Todd tremendous success in the very field.


Well, Todd has never been a big fan of endorsing big brands. However, if it is related to gold mining, Todd never says no.

He used to endorse Planet Gold Rush, a mobile game, in his social media posts.

 Todd endorsing planet gold rush
Todd Endorsing Planet Gold Rush (Source: Instagram profile)

Todd surely has a great sense of connecting with people. In his sponsored posts, besides posting interesting pictures, he also captions them, claiming that he won real gold playing the game.

Well, who wouldn’t want real gold? Planet Gold Rush has a millions number of downloads in the play store.

Todd Hoffman | Career

Todd Hoffman is the son of Jack Hoffman, who is one of the original cast members of the reality TV series Gold Rush.

He picked up the pieces of his father’s broken dream and inspired him to try again when Jack had all but given up on his ambition of mining in Alaska.

Since then, the Hoffman gang has amassed a sizable fortune in gold.

But as the competition grew, so did the struggle for gold, and Todd Hoffman decided to leave the program.

Currently, Todd Hoffman is all about making his every entertainment dream come true.

Interesting Facts About Todd Hoffman

  • Todd Huffman’s cover song of Sound of Silence has amassed more than 14 million views on YouTube.
  • Todd named his mining equipment, Jack, after his father.
  • He has started his own podcast show titled, The Hoffman Report on YouTube.


Is Todd Hoffman getting back into Gold Mining?

Yes. The show’s projected to release on Discovery and Discovery+ at some point early in 2022.

How does Todd take care of his beard?

His facial hair grew dramatically over the span of eight seasons, and he now has a full and lengthy beard. Every day, he has to condition it and moisturize it with coconut oil to keep hair from becoming greasy or unclean.

What is the meaning of 316 mining?

316 Mining is the name of the jungle cabin used as the home base for the Hoffman Crew at the Q.O.D.

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