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Travis Barker Weight Loss: Health Update & Diet Plan

Travis Barker dealt with many health issues in the past. As a result, Travis Barker follows a strict diet & workout routine to remain healthy, which is also helpful for his weight loss journey. 

Travis Barker is a famous American drummer from the rock band ‘Blink 182′.

He often collaborates with other artists from all genres, proving his versatility in the music.

Further, one of the artists Travis Barker often collaborated with was the late DJ AM; they even had a name together, ‘TRV$DJAM’.

Moreover, his constant work in the music industry has given him unmatchable fame, getting him the title of ‘punk’s first superstar drummer’ by the ‘Rolling Stones.’

People have been searching for his weight loss journey recently as he has lost massive amounts of weight during his recent health battle.

Travis Barker Weight Loss: Overcoming Health Battles & Embracing Veganism

Travis Barker has always been one of those celebrities who is very open and vocal about his struggles in the media.

Moreover, he believes in including his fans in every ups and downs of his life journey.

Travis Barker looking starlight at the camera.
Travis Barker’s weight loss journey inspires many who want to do the same. (Source: Twitter)

His life has been like an open book to his fans since he began his music career.

Moreover, From his vast plane crash to his battle with Trigeminal neuralgia and his love story with Kourtney Kardashian, his fans know it all.

Talking about his battle with Trigeminal neuralgia is a health condition that he had to go through.

It is a rare chronic pain disorder that affects nerves in the head and face, resulting in severe and sudden pain.

In addition, Travis was also hospitalized for life-threatening pancreatitis on July 6, 2022.

All these health issues have made him more aware of his choices in diet and lifestyle.

Travis Barker with Kourtney Kardashian.
Travis Barker welcomed a baby boy with Kourtney Kardashian. (Source: Twitter)

Travis has always been a vegetarian since childhood but became vegan after his plane crash.

Similarly, he knows the value of clean eating and has always been mindful of it.

However, after these health issues, he has become even more strict.

The change in the diet plan of Travis Barker has also resulted in his weight loss.

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A Peek Into Travis Barker’s Wholesome Diet Plan 

Travis Barker starts his morning by drinking as much water as possible before his coffee.

Afterward, he drinks espresso with oat milk and some rose tincture from ‘Barker Wellness’.

Moreover, after a good cup of coffee, he loves to have a bowl of vegetables for lunch, often with kebabs or other healthy meats.

After having lunch, he likes to rest before working out. And after having a glass full of smoothies, he starts his strict workout routine.

Travis Barker getting out of his car.
Travis Barker looks much healthier after following his strict workout routine. (Source: Twitter)

His smoothie contains nutritious ingredients like plant-based protein, cacao powder, flax oil, flax seed, almond milk, cinnamon, and almond butter.

He also likes to add a mix of Recovery inside of his smoothie. To end the day, Travis likes to have anything from Erewhon.

He loves to eat beefless broccoli with a side of Brussels sprouts and green beans from the famous food place.

This nicely made diet plan has been a massive help for Travis Barker for his weight loss.

He also maintains a healthy diet and follows a strict workout routine, including boxing and high-intensity interval training in Muay Thai.

Moreover, Travis’s workout routine also includes running, and he prefers doing 6 or 7 miles within an hour.

All these daily activities have resulted in a fantastic weight loss for Travis Barker.

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