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Watch Travis Kelce Sister Video: How Is SIL Kylie Linked With It?

A video is surfacing on the internet and everyone is claiming the girl on it to be the sister of Travis Kelce, some even suggest that it is his SIL Kylie Kelce instead. Let’s explore.

NFL quarterback Travis Kelce won the big Super Bowl game in February of 2024.

He had been training for a long time for this big moment and the win had finally given him some time to relax.

Like any other NFL player, his personal life gets talked about a lot on the Internet.

His relationship with pop icon Taylor Swift is something that grabs a lot of attention.

However, neither his football achievement nor his girlfriend is the reason behind his name trending all over the internet at this moment.

A viral video has been surfacing on Twitter and people are claiming the girl on it to be the sister of Travis Kelce.

Unveiling the Connection in the Travis Kelce ‘Sister’ Video: How Is SIL Kylie Linked With It?

The video that is making all the noise on the Internet is very explicit.

A girl and her male friend appear to be having an intimate moment on the video.

Travis Kelce Sister
Travis Kelce may still be unaware of the viral video on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Various big handles on Twitter with massive followings are claiming that the girl in the video is the sister of Travis Kelce.

This has created a lot of confusion among his fans.

Up until now Travis and his family have always been very open about the details of their life.

They have never mentioned a daughter in the family.

Travis and his brother Jason Kelce are believed to be the only two children of their parents.

Many people are also wondering if people are referring to Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce as the sister of Travis in the video.

However, the girl is not Kylie Kelce either, as she looks completely different.

Kylie has a very different body build compared to the girl in the video.

The girl in the video is a brunette while Kylie has long blonde hair.

Jason Kelce Wife
Travis and Jason along with Jason’s wife Kylie are very close with each other. (Source: Twitter)

The reason that the girl in the video is trending for being the sister of Travis Kelce may be because the people associated with it are trying to get it viral.

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Viral Video Sparks Speculation: The Mystery Surrounding the Alleged Sister Of Travis Kelce

As we all know Travis Kelce is the man of the moment.

Even people who do not watch American football are getting to know him.

From shouting at his long-time football coach to his very loud speech after his big win has created a lot of buzz on the internet.

This is why many other people who do not know him are trying to take advantage of it.

Kylie Kelce and Travis
Let’s hope the false news does not affect the sister-in-law of Travis, Kylie Kelce. (Source: Twitter)

It has surely worked because the viral video of the girl claiming to be the sister of Travis Kelce is getting more and more views.

Thankfully, Twitter itself has added context to the video calling it a false advertisement.

However, many people still wonder if it is indeed his actual sister.

People who are not aware of the Kelce family actually believe that if it’s not his sister it might be his sister-in-law Kylie Kelce.

Neither Travis nor his sister-in-law Kylie has made any statements about it up until now.

This situation once again sheds light on how fragile the Internet is.

The rumors do not take any time to spread without any strong proof or sources.

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