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Trey Yingst Parents: Meet Father Jed And Mother Debbie Lee

While everyone is praising American Journalist Trey Yinsgt, his parents, Jed and Debbie Lee, remain a mystery. Trey Yingst parents absolutely played a very important role in who he is today, as he often shows his gratefulness to them.

Trey Yingst is a young American journalist who works for the famous news outlet Fox News.

He was born in the city of Pennsylvania, where he attended the Central Dauphin High School.

He holds a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism from American University School of Communication.

Trey has been reporting as a foreign correspondent from Jerusalem, Israel.

He is currently getting praised for his bravery, even during the current wartime in Israel, as he is working non-stop.

Trey Yingst Parents: The Source of Bravery and Empathy

Their bravery and his passion for showing the best and worst of humanity through his work come from his parents.

Trey Yingst parents, father, Jed Yingst, and mother, Debbie Lee Yingst, have been a huge inspiration for the famous journalist.

Debbie Lee Yingst
Debbie Lee Yingst remains a very important part of Tre’s life even after her unfortunate death. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, they made sure that Trey, as a human, would grow up to be humble and have empathy for everyone.

Trey Yingst parents, Jed and Debbie Yingst, were both very educated and made sure that their children gravitated towards it, too.

Trey’s father, Jed Yingst, is a very private person and does not like to get a lot of media attention.

While his son’s bravery and work as a journalist is putting Jed in the spotlight, it is important to respect his decision to keep himself private.

Talking about Trey’s mother, Debbie Lee Yingst, she is a very inspirational woman.

Trey Yingst on field
Trey Yingst never stops fascinating people with his journalism. (Source: Instagram)

Debbie, during most of her life, was a dedicated social worker.

Trey describes his mother, Debbie, as an extremely selfless and very empathetic woman.

Anyone could go any ask Debbie for help, and she would go out of her way to help them.

Debbie was a kidney patient and had to go through a kidney transplant.

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Debbie Lee Yingst: A Mother’s Unwavering Support in Trey’s Journalism

During those difficult times, Trey, his sister Ani, and his father Jed came together as a force to support Debbie.

For Trey’s mother, Debbie, her family and community were her number one priority.

According to Trey himself, Debbie remains one of those people who played a very important role in shaping him into who he is today.

Trey yingst parents
Trey and Debbie look so close to each other. Debbie would’ve been so proud seeing Trey today. (Source: Instagram)

Debbie was a proud mother, and even though sometimes she would get very scared for her son, she never stopped supporting him.

Sadly, Debbie Lee Yingst passed away on Thanksgiving of last year.

Trey posted a series of pictures with Debbie with a caption in which he wrote about how grateful he is to have her as a mother.

It was evident how much Trey valued Debbie and her support. Trey Yingst is currently working in dangerous conditions far away from his parents.

However, their unwavering love and support always remain close to him.

During the passing of Trey’s mother, he was unable to visit her. He was working during those times, and the news came out of nowhere, shocking him.

He thanked his sister for being there and supporting his father during that time.

Trey Yingst parents truly should be praised for how they raised the young man.

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