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Tyre Sampson Real Footage Video: What Happened? Last Words

With the video of Tyre Sampson surfacing online, the viewers eagerly seek an explanation of the incident as they want all the details. So, what happened to the teen? Let’s find out.

Tyre Sampson was a 14-year-old student from Florida who met a tragic end after falling off an amusement park ride.

He was enjoying a vacation with his football team and friends when the unfortunate incident took place.

Further, his case received wide media coverage as it brought out the safety and protection of park rides.

Sampson and his family had never imagined the tragedy that was looming ahead of them in 2022.

Despite years of his death, people remember the video of Tyre Sampson as it captured the final moments of the teen.

Tyre Sampson Real Footage Video: What Happened? Last Words

The video involving Tyre Sampson and his friends on the amusement park ride truly showcases the horror of the accident.

In 2022, the teen was in ICON Park when he wanted to try out the Orlando FreeFall drop tower.

Further, the ride was known for its thrilling experience as the world’s tallest freestanding drop tower.

Tyre Sampson in a black shirt
Sampson would’ve been 16 this year of not for the accident. (Source: Twitter)

The amusement park element was over 430 feet tall and was built under the supervision of The Slingshot Group.

Moreover, the incident occurred at night when thousands of visitors filled the amusement park.

The video makes it clear that the ride operator adjusted Tyre Sampson into his seat.

However, as soon as the ride started Sampson fell off his seat and hit the ground from a deadly height.

Additionally, he fell at least 100 feet onto the hard pavement from the ride, after issues with the seatbelt.

Later, the park authorities noted that the teen weighed 383 pounds which was above the ride limit of 285 pounds.

Tyre Sampson in his uniform
Sampson played football in his high school. (Source: Twitter)

Along with that, it was noted that Sampson suffered broken bones and internal injuries deeming his death as accidental.

After his demise, police investigations occurred on the scene as his mother grieved how she couldn’t hear his last words.

The harrowing video of Tyre Sampson features bone-chilling screams from his friends mid-air.

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Aftermath Of Tyre Sampson Accident: Legal Actions From Family

Soon after the incident, investigations revealed that the teen manually adjusted Sampson’s seat restraint.

In normal cases, the sensors in the ride would detect if any of the restraints were not sufficiently closed.

However, the gap in Sampson’s seat remained unnoticed leading to his tragic fall from the ride.

Tyre Sampson's accident spot
Sampson’s mother conducted a vigil for her son. (Source: Twitter)

After his demise, ICON Park confirmed the permanent closure and future removal of the ride in October.

Moreover, Sampson’s mother visited the location wearing a t-shirt with her son’s name to pay homage.

She claimed that her son had his whole life ahead with ambitions to attend college on a football scholarship.

Shortly after the amusement park dismantled the ride, the teen’s mother made a legal agreement with the amusement park.

Additionally, the case continued against the ride manufacturer even after the initial settlement.

In a press conference, Sampson’s mother revealed that she would use the settlement money to support the school’s sports program.

Tyre's phot near the ride
Sampson’s school placed a photo near the accident site. (Source: Twitter)

Through the action, she wanted to keep the legacy of her son alive despite his untimely death.

Meanwhile, the amusement park released a statement claiming that they respected the family’s emotions.

The case garnered national attention and cast new security on amusement park rides and their safety.

Later, Florida passed the Tyre Sampson Act to ensure the credibility of seatbelts on thrilling rides.

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