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Who Is Victoria Monet Sister Kimmy & Brother? Siblings & Family

Most of the time, the singer and songwriter Victoria Monet gains significant media attention for her chart-topping hits, but recently, people’s interest has shifted towards her siblings, including his sister, Kimmy. 

Victoria Monet is an American singer-songwriter who gets a lot of praise for her pop songs and powerful lyrics.

In Victoria’s songs, people began to recognize her exceptional songwriting talents before her breakthrough as a recording artist.

Later, she became noticeable after releasing her 5th EP, Jaguar, in 2020, earning her critical acclaim. 

In 2023, Victoria released her solo album Jaguar II, where she rocked the music world with the single On My Mama.

This album was a big commercial success and won her many Grammy nominations and several other awards.

With this, many became curious about the family background of Victoria Monet, including her sister and brother. 

Who Is Victoria Monet Sister Kimmy & Brother? Siblings & Family Details

Victoria Monet, the famous American singer and songwriter, shares a close bond with her sister and family

Despite her strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Victoria Monet has kept her personal life from the spotlight.

But we know that Victoria Monet has a younger sister, Kimmy, and they share a strong bond.

While the period of Victoria’s life is well documented, the same cannot be, said about Kimmy even though the public rarely comes across her.

Victoria Monet besides sea
Victoria Monet has also won the Best Engineered Album, Non-Classica. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, Victoria has addressed Kimmy on social networks, thus making it clear her sister is alive.

But, regarding Victoria Monet’s brother, it is challenging and complex to find out his details..

Some sources mention Victoria’s brother, referred to as ‘Michael Cubit Jr,’ portrayed as her older half-brother.

This indicates that they havee the same mothe,r which might be L’Tanya Chestang-Cubit.

Nevertheless, it lacks much information on Michael Cubit Jr and lacks in-depth information about their relationship.

Victoria Monet in silver
Victoria Monet has a daughter named Hazel Monét. (Source: Instagram)

Whoever her siblings are, the Victoria Monét family has undoubtedly served as a considerable source of support and inspiration to her in her journey to becoming an artist. 

As a multi-racial artist, Victoria Monet’s music blends African-American and French influences, yielding a diverse sound.

Nonetheless, family is a significant source of support and inspiration, playing a major role in her life and helping her thrive as a musician.

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Details About The Career And Net Worth Of Victoria 

Victoria Monet’s career journey began with a passion for poetry, later becoming her singing profession.

Once connected with a Sacramento–based producer, she became a part of the production world and learned about producers as a profession.

Furthermore, she had access to a local recording studio, where she built up her skills.

Through this, she met Rodney Jerkins, one of the A&Rs, who later put her in the girl group he formed called Purple Reign.

Victoria Monet in black dress
Victoria Monét has earned several Grammy Award nominations.s. (Source: Instagram)

However, shortly after, the girl group split and released no music even though the team recorded a contract deal.

Victoria then turned to songwriting to pay her bills and to stay afloat until her solo career eventually took off.

In 2014, Victoria Monet released her debut EP, Nightmares & Lullabies: Scary Monsters And Super Creeps, under Atlantic Records.

Then she came up with Humanize: Nightmares & Lullabies – Act 2 in 2015, also released under Atlantic Records.

Further, her singles, including Monopoly and Coastin (collaborating with Ariana Grande and Lane8), epitomized her versatility and artistry.

Later, Victoria Monét also ventured into record production, broadening her creative horizon.

Through her multifaceted music career, she earned a considerable amount of money. As per sources, she has an estimated net worth of around $3 million as of 2024.

Nonetheless, her soul-stirring voice and heart-touching lyrics make people sit up and listen with rapt attention across the globe.

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