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The Untold Story: What Happened To Barbie Parents?

Our beloved Barbie is a Doctor, Astronaut, and an Engineer. We love her so much and know almost everything about her, but some fans still are confused and have some questions. What Happened To Barbie Parents?

We all know Barbie! She is a fashion doll introduced in 1959 by the company Mattel.

She is the creation of an American businesswoman, Ruth Handler, and she has been a very important part of many young girls since then.

Mattel has sold over a billion Barbie dolls and introduced many versions of the doll throughout the years.

Not only dolls but Barbie has also expanded into a cartoon franchise, and recently, a movie featuring Margaret Robbie made its way to big screens.

Mystery Sparks Theories: What Happened To Barbie Parents?

Nowadays, she is in talks because of the movie Barbie after seeing her in the human form.

Barbie fans are starting to wonder who and where her parents might be and what could have happened to them.

Barbie Movie dolls
Mattel never fails to amazingly recreate real-life people in Barbies. (Source: Instagram)

It has created a kind of discussion on the internet. Some serious and some humorous.

One of the Barbie fans asked a Reddit community the exact question.

To which one fan replied that her parents may have gotten into a car accident because of excitement.

When they learned that Barbie is not only a doctor but she also works at NASA and goes to cosmetology school.

The user also funnily added that now that her parents are dead, she probably had to do a medical examination.

And fulfill the roles of a mortician and grave digger all by herself.

Barbie and friend
Barbie is so iconic, and her friends are no less. (Source; Instagram)

While the discussion was getting humorous, another fan suggested that Barbie parents could have been assassinated by someone called Winter Raqquel.

Another fan added that they could be somewhere living in exile where no one recognizes them.

While the conspiracies are funny and might make sense, it proves that very few people actually know that Barbie does actually have parents.

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Meet Barbie’s Parents: The Mystery Solved

Unlike in Barbie movies, fans got to see Barbie’s parents very often in the show Barbie Dream House Adventure.

What we know about her parents from the show and the movie is that Margaret Rawlins Roberts is the mother figure for Barbie and her sisters.

What Happened To Barbie Parents
Barbie’s mom and dad look like the older version of Barbie and Ken. (Source: YouTube)

Margaret is an Engineer, and she is actually the one behind the amazing dream house that Barbie and her sisters live in.

But contrary to that, in the 1960 version of Barbie movie, she was a housewife and homemaker.

Barbie’s father’s name is George Roberts, and he works as a documentary filmmaker. However, in the original version, we could see him as an engineer.

The reason for Barbie’s parents to go unnoticed by their fans might be because they do not have doll versions of themselves.

So, it makes sense why they were not in the Gerwig-directed Barbie movie.

Not only her parents but Barbie has many other extended relatives who often appear in her movies and TV shows.

Barbie dolls
Barbie was and will forever remain the most beloved doll of every little girl’s dream house. (Source: Instagram)

It’s fascinating that a doll has been able to be so iconic.

Many people who used to play with the doll when they were young are buying it for their kids now.

Seems like Barbie will never fade away and remain iconic for more years to come.

Let’s hope the company Mattel decides to introduce the doll versions of Barbie’s parents soon.

The new generation of kids will definitely love having Barbie’s parents by her side in her dream house.

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