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How Did Zom 100 Shizuka End Up At Death Door? Fans React

Fans are closely examining Chapter 55 Of Zom 100, igniting a passionate discussion about the death of Shizuka. Did she really die? If not, who saved her? Discover the mysteries of this captivating manga storyline!

Shizuka Mikazuki is one of the key characters in the thrilling manga series “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.”

She’s super quick when thinking on her feet, and she knows her stuff when it comes to science.

It’s not that she doesn’t like people; she just didn’t enjoy working with others before all this zombie craziness started.

However, everything changed when she crossed paths with Akira Tendou.

She’s a fan of zombie movies, and she uses them as a sort of survival guide.

Shizuka learns from those movies and figures out ways to stay alive in a world infested with zombies.

Zom 100: Did Shizuka End Up At Death Door?

The fans on the r/Zombie100 subreddit are discussing chapter 55 of the manga series Zombie 100 100 Things I Want to Do Before I Become a Zombie.

In the episode of Zom 100, a scared girl pushes Shizuka aside to the death door, leaving Shizuka stuck on one side of the door with a zombie shark on the other.

Shizuka death Zom 100
Shizuka gets tipped by a fearful girl as they run from Zombies. (Source: Youtube)

But Akira and Kenichirou team up to save Shizuka from death, saving her character in Zom 100.

After they rescue Shizuka, she thanks Akira by giving him some batteries and a Shark Light.

Which Akira uses to kill the zombie shark. To show her appreciation and possibly to stay in touch.

Shizuka also shares her Line ID (a way to message each other) with Akira.

Shizuka and Akira
Shizuka and Akira right after Akira saves her. (Source: Youtube)

So, Shizuka did not really die in the episode. Instead, her character is in heavy discussion after they aired the incident.

Fans are now arguing and have different feelings about how the character Shizuka is interacting with Akira after he saves her.

Shizuka’s Blush: Fans Argue About The Scene

There is a specific scene where Shizuka blushes while interacting with Akira. Some fans are divided in their opinions about this scene.

On one side, Fans think that Shizuka Blush Is Totally Fine. They think her rosy cheeks make sense.

They argue that it’s a natural reaction, given what’s happening.

Shizuka’s been crushing on Akira for ages. So, they’re saying her blush isn’t some sign of her falling for the new character.

Shizuka blushes
Shizuka blushes as she gets saved by Akira. (Source: Youtube)

Now, flipping to the other side, there’s team This Is a Bad Move. These fans are seriously disappointed and even annoyed.

They’re saying that introducing a possible love triangle at this point is like watching a rerun of a show you’ve seen a million times, super overdone.

And they think that this might mess up Akira and Shizuka’s relationship. They’ve been shipping that since day one.

Relief for Fans as Shizuka Survives, Sparking Excitement for New Manga Arc

It’s not rare for Manga fans to look at the same scene with different perspectives.

However, We can at least be relieved that Shizuka actually did not die.

Shizuka and Akira hug
Shizuka and Akira hug each other as Aira’s friend shuts the shutter. (Source: Youtube)

It would be interesting to witness the new arc that the makers will be showing between these amazing characters.

If the makers have decided to keep her character except for ending it on a death door, there might be some reason for it.

Especially because the scene of Akira saving Shizuka was not an ordinary scene.

But a scene filled with hints about what’s to come in the future.

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