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What Happened To Bert Kreischer: He Is In Jail? Podcast Truth

What happened to Bert Kreischer is the main concern of many netizens after watching the 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast where Tom Segura casually dropped the news to his viewers. So, is Bert Kreisher really in Jail or not, let us find out.

Bert Kreischer is a multi-talented American entertainer famous for his wild stories, stand-up comedy, and podcasting.

Back in college, he earned the nickname ‘The Machine’ for his legendary (and sometimes crazy) adventures!

He turned those stories into successful stand-up routines, becoming a top-grossing comedian who even got his own Netflix special.

Further, he also co-hosts popular podcasts like 2 Bears 1 Cave and Bertcast and even has his own YouTube cooking show.

Recently, on the 224th episode of 2 Bears 1 Cave, Tom Segura told the world that Bert Kreischer is in jail which led fans to wonder what happened.

What Happened To Bert Kreischer: Is He In Jail? Locked Up Podcast Truth

The answer to ‘what happened and why Bert Kreischer is in jail’ is simply he is not in jail.

It turns out Tom Segura pranked all of us via his 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast episode.

So, it was nothing more than a playful and elaborate prank as Bert is absent from the show as of now.

In the 224th episode, Tom, with a dead serious delivery, announced Bert’s arrest for some unknown offense.

Many of the viewers fell into his straight face acting and were commenting on what happened to Bert Kreischer.

bert Kreischer and tom
Bert Kreischer and Tom are like best buds who fool around and keep people entertained. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the comical twist garnered unexpected attention, even reaching Fox 5 News. This prank isn’t the first of its kind by Tom Segura.

In previous episodes, he claimed Bert needed a kidney transplant due to excessive drinking.

So, Tom really got everyone to fall for his prank, as many believed it to be true.

Many netizens even lauded Tom for his ingenuity and humor, applauding the successful execution of the prank.

Meanwhile, some took the opportunity to mock those who fell for the story, playfully teasing them for their gullibility.

Nevertheless, fans are aware that Bert Kreischer is not entangled in any legal issues, and the rumor only adds to the amusing legacy of 2 Bears 1 Cave.

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Who Is Bert Kreischer? From Party King to Comedy Kingpin

Bert Kreischer, aka ‘The Machine,’ is an American comedian who started by making waves in college with his crazy adventures.

He took those wild stories and turned them into hilarious stand-up routines.

And he eventually became a popular comedian with his own Netflix special.

He’s also known for co-hosting funny podcasts like 2 Bears 1 Cave and even has his own cooking show on YouTube.

bert Kreischer stand up comedy
Bert Kreischer is also famous for the nickname, The Machine. (Source: Instagram)

Bert has hosted several television series such as Hurt Bert, Bert the Conqueror, and Trip Flip.

He also founded Berty Boy Productions, which produces popular podcasts like Bertcast and Something’s Burning.

Besides that, he is the author of the memoir Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child.

Basically, Bert’s fun personality, relatable jokes, and awesome storytelling have made him a big name in comedy, entertaining audiences on stage, online, and even on TV.

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