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Is Dablixx Osha Still Alive? What Happened To Nigerian Rapper- Death Cause

Dablixx Osha, a famous Nigerian trap singer, and rapper has died. What is the reason behind his death? 

The rapper is famous for doing freestyle rap on social media; he earned a lot of views and followers with his rap in a short time.

He was born Oniyide Azeez, Lagos, on August 27, 1995, Osha always was interested in rap. He always wished to start his career in music. 

Some of his famous albums are, Hating On A Young Nigga, No Feelings, Tonny Montanna, Wanna Laugh, Gone and Dead, and more. 

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Is Dablixx Osha Still Alive?

Dabilxx Osha is no longer in this world. He left his body at 27. He is too soon gone, and many people have been shocked by the news.

Many of his fans have not believed the news yet, because no one from his family has confirmed the news yet.

He was getting fame through social media platforms, and he seemed to be living a happy life as his music was loved globally.

Osha was most active on his Instagram account; he has one million followers. He shared a video of him doing freestyle one day ago.

One Day ago post from Dablixx Osha.
One Day ago a post from Dablixx Osha. (Image Source: Instagram)

So, the news has shocked people; his fans have been questioning the reason behind his hate.

What Happened To Nigerian Rapper- Death Cause 

People have been asking about the rapper’s death, but the reason behind it has not come out yet.

But, Osha had no deteriorating condition or chronic illness, which could be one possible reason.

He was not outgoing; he spent almost all of his time alone making raps, so he never had many friends.

His family has not shared any information regarding his death until now; some sources have confirmed that it was a natural death.

Tweet from one of Dablixx Osha Fan.
Tweet from one of Dablixx Osha Fan. (Image Source: Twitter)

He looked fine in the video he shared yesterday, so the case might not be a suicide. But he was just 27, and people have made their reason.

His fans have been trying to reach the media and news about the information, but no announcement has covered the data yet. 

Hopefully, after a day or two, the news will cover more information regarding his death. But, making a guess, it seems like it is a natural death.

The rapper’s death has shocked people; they have been trying to collect information, but within a day, the report has not come out.

After some time, his family might come in public and share the information; the rapper was found dead in his apartment today morning, November 8, 2022.

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Net Worth of Nigerian Rapper, Dablixx Osha

According to the Sources, his net worth was $80,000, and his primary income source was his career as a songwriter and rapper.

He also earns through social media platforms and his solo albums; he released almost ten albums before he left the world.

He was making his career to earn more than a million, but unfortunately, he did not make it there.

Osha left his body before most people even knew him, but he became known globally after the news. Many sources have covered the death of the rapper Osha.

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