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You Are What You Eat Review: A Twin Experiment Cast, Reddit

The popular expression ‘You Are What You Eat’ we all heard while growing up has evolved into a new Netflix series and has been gaining quite a good review from the audiences lately. 

You Are What You Eat is a highly acclaimed and newly launched Netflix series. It was released on January 1, 2024.

The food show features several identical twins experimenting with different food items.

It experiments and explores their lifestyle and body changes when they exchange each other’s diet.

With this, the show’s main intention is to analyze the kind of effect that the food brings on the bodies of identical twins. 

Since the show You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment unfolds different aspects of the Standard American Diet, it received some fantastic reviews from fans worldwide in its first season.

You Are What You Eat Review: A Twin Experiment Result

The documentary series You Are What You Eat has been receiving some excellent and exciting review from viewers after its release in the New Year.  

Yes, the story is immaculately interesting. It is about investigating how food choices affect the bodies of identical people.

But more than the story, the screen direction makes the series captivating. The series starts with a discussion of nutrition and diets.

Later, it experiments with opposite food items in twins’ bodies with similar lifestyles.

Subsequently, the show analyses the change in twins’ food habits and includes concerns about climate, animal safety, etc.

Talking about food and eating habits and showing the dietary shifts embracing the change in climate and other factors like food safety is genuinely brilliant. 

You Are What You Eat series in Netflix
You Are What You Eat is a food show. (Source: OTT Play)

The narrator and cast have done an excellent job of keeping the viewers on their toes with their excellent narratives.

While watching You Are What You Eat, it feels like you are listening to live interviews while receiving both positive and negative reviews. 

However, overall, the series is excellent to watch and is recommended to everyone who makes conscious choices while keeping their health in mind. 

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Cast And Crew Of The Twin Experiment

The cast and crew have done a great job portraying the effects of our food choices on our bodies on You Are What You Eat and garnering positive review from audiences.

The direction of Louie Psihoyos is out of the league, and the real-life twins’ presentation on the show is mind-blowing. 

The team selected twins from different parts of the world, continents, and regions. 

Identical twins Pan and Wendy in You Are What You Eat show
The You Are What You Eat series comprises twins from all over the world. (Source: X)

One of the identical twins featured in the series is Pan and Wendy. They are from South Africa and run a catering business together. 

In the documentary, Pam was on a plant-based diet, whereas Wendy was on an Omnivore diet. 

Furthermore, other identical twins, Charlie and Michael Kalish, European cheesemakers, also underwent the same experiment diet as Pan and Wendy. 

In the end, the twin, an omnivore before the study, became a vegetarian, and the other turned almost vegetarian. 

Similarly,  the show featured identical twins such as John and Jewon Whittington, Carolyn Sideco, and Rosalyn Moorhouse.

What Are People Discussing On Reddit About The Experiment?

After evolving with the most sensitive topics, such as changing diets, You Are What You Eat is gaining high popularity with great review; as a result, people have been discussing this on Reddit.

In a popular subreddit- Vegan, people talked about how it brought new insights into their lives. 

They even review You Are What You Eat, and consider it as a fantastic show. And interestingly, some even binge-watched the documentary. 

You Are What You Eat cast talking with the team
You Are What You Eat is a Netflix food show. (Source: X)

They loved how the show touched on veganism and included how it could improve their lifestyle and reduce environmental issues. 

Moreover, it discusses animal rights and displays the significance of following plant-based meals. And people out there are loving it with all their hearts. 

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