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Alexa Nikolas Daughter Nova: Baby Father Is Michael Gray

Actress Alexa Nikolas has a wonderful career and an even more amazing personal life, as she has a daughter with her husband, Michael Gray, who she adores.

Alexa Nikolas is a famous former actress who was born in the year 1992 on April 4.

She is known for her role as Nicole Bristow in the famous Nickelodeon series Zoey 101.

After Zoey 101, she got to work in many other famous TV series like The Walking Dead, Hidden Hills, etc.

Throughout all these years in the entertainment industry, Alexa has been able to gain a massive number of fans and followers.

She loves connecting with her fans through her social media accounts.

Alexa Nikolas shares her life details there, including her journey as a mother to her daughter Nova.

Meet Nova Vespertine: Actress Alexa Nikolas And Photographer Michael Gray’s Daughter

Nova Vespertine, the daughter of Alexa Nikolas and Michael Gray, was born in 2020 on November 17.

Alexa Nikolas and Michael Gray were not married at the time of her birth.

They were living together as a couple in a home that they shared.

Meanwhile, Alexa Nikolas and Michael Gray’s friends and family members were there to support them during the pregnancy.

Alexa Nikolas daughter
Alexa Nikolas always looks so happy when she is with her daughter Nova. (Source: Instagram)

Nova is their first child together, completely changing the couple’s lives since birth.

Likewise, Alexa Nikolas was very protective of her daughter before birth.

Even the delivery of Nova was unique as she was born in a water pool inside her mother Alexa and father Michael’s home.

Since she was born during COVID-19, her parents were highly protective of her well-being.

They were very serious about social distancing and only allowed a few people near their daughter.

Throughout the years, Nova has grown a lot and has also become a big sister.

Alexa Nikolas family
Alexa Nikolas’s small family is adorable and looks perfect. (Source: Instagram)

She now has a younger sister named ‘Truth’ who resembles her.

Now that COVID has calmed down, Alexa Nikolas takes her daughter on many holidays.

As a family, they love vacationing and spending time with their loved ones.

Nova and her sister Truth have many cousins and friends they play with on family trips and picnics.

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Alexa Nikolas And Michael Gray Proudly Nurturing Their Little Star, Nova

Alexa Nikolas also takes her daughter Nova on her protest for the survivors in the music industry.

In one of her Instagram posts, Alexa Nikolas shares how proud she is of her little daughter.

She mentions in her post that she is happy to let her daughter be part of what she believes in.

Nova’s father, Michael Gray, also appears fond of his daughter.

Alexa Nikolas with Daughter Nova and husband Michael Gray
Alexa Nikolas is fortunate to have such a supportive and loving husband. (Source: Instagram)

As a photographer, he loves capturing the beautiful moments between his wife, Alexa Nikolas, and their daughter Nova.

Michael’s Instagram is filled with pictures of his family, as his family is the most valuable part of his life.

Moreover, their fans love them as new parents and cheer for them through good wishes in their comments.

They are also pleased to see their favorite child actress, Alexa Nikolas, growing and evolving as a woman and mother.

On the other hand, Nova is fortunate to have such wonderful and protective parents.

Let’s hope the family remains bonded with love and happiness.

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