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Paula Hurd Wikipedia, Net Worth: Bill Gates Girlfriend At Ambani Wedding

The recent appearance of Paula Hurd along with Bill Gates at Ambani’s pre-wedding celebration has sparked curiosity regarding her personal life, leading to an increase in search for her Wikipedia.

Paula Hurd is an accomplished American woman, renowned for her charitable works and presence in the tech industry.

She is widely recognized as the former wife of the late American billionaire and the CEO of Oracle, Mark Hurd.

Apart from her relationship with the late Mark, Paula has accomplished a lot for herself through her career.

Throughout her life, she has worked with the software company, National Cash Register for decades.

Currently, she is working with multiple notable organizations like the Universal Tennis Foundation, Hurd Family Investments, and others.

Meanwhile, as Paula continues her good work, the new relationship of her with American tech mogul, Bill Gates has sparked curiosity among the people.

With this increasing curiosity, many have started to search the Wikipedia of Paula Hurd for further details on her relationship.

Paula Hurd Wikipedia: Biography Of Bill Gates’ Girlfriend

As the discussions about Paula Hurd continue to rise, many people are referring to her Wikipedia which doesn’t even exist.

Paula Hurd was born to her parents on April 27, 1962, in Texas, United States.

Born and raised in the vibrant environment of Texas, she completed her high school in 1978.

After completing her initial schooling, she relocated to Austin and enrolled in the bachelor’s program at the University of Texas.

Paula captured along with her late husband and kids.
Paula was married to Mark for three decades. (Source: Facebook)

While in Austin, Paula earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing management with excellent academics.

Upon completion of her studies, she embarked on her professional journey as a sales and Alliance manager at NCR.

Later after working for almost 17 years in the field, Paula eventually left her professional career and began working in her husband’s charitable works.

Over the years Paula Hurd and her late husband, Mark contributed to various causes and led numerous fundraising campaigns, notable in her Wikipedia.

However, Mark’s life came to an unforeseen end in October 2019 after a long-term battle with cancer.

Paula Hurd and Bill captured in a wedding dress.
Paula has two daughters from her past marriage. (Source: Yahoo)

Despite his demise, Paula continued his philanthropic work and reached the $1 billion mark after a $7 million donation to Baylor University.

Throughout a 30-year-long relationship, Paula and Mark welcomed two beautiful daughters, Kathryn and Kelly.

Meanwhile, her affiliation with Mark has helped her amass an estimated net worth of around $3 to $4 million.

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Paula Hurd And Bill Gates’ Relationship Timeline

The news of Paula and Bill being together has been around since September 2022.

Following his divorce from his wife, Melinda French Gates in 2021, Bill didn’t take long enough to get back into a new relationship.

Although the couple were spotted together in multiple events during 2022, they never revealed anything about their relationship until 2023.

According to People magazine, the official confirmation of Paula and Bill’s relationship came in February 2023 from a close source.

Later, as the couple continued to appear together at various sporting events, news of their engagement began surfacing on social sites.

Paula Hurd and Bill Gates captured along with the Ambani's.
Paula and Bill have been in a relationship for around two years. (Source: Instagram)

This engagement news initially came out after Paula was spotted with a ring on her hand while attending an event with Bill.

However, the news was later denied by Bill’s spokesperson, stating the ring as a part of Paul’s long-time jewelry collection.

Additionally, many online sources later confirmed the statement from the spokesperson as true.

Further, as the relationship between Paula and Bill continued to grow, the couple attended Jeff Bezos’ engagement.

Moreover, in early March 2024, the couple again appeared together in India for the pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant.

Moreover, the couple has publicly acknowledged their relationship on multiple occasions and seems happy together.

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