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Alexis DeJoria Tattoos: 20+ Inks Of John Paul DeJoria Daughter

Alexis DeJoria is a famous American drag racer in the National Hot Rod Association Funny Car category, she loves the thrill that comes with speed and she also loves getting tattoos. Let’s explore the meanings behind them.

She was titled the third richest female athlete in the world in the year 2019 and the second richest in 2022 with a shocking net worth of $100 million.

Alexis was always a very wealthy person, she grew up with riches; her father is none other than billionaire John Paul DeJoria.

Although very familiar with fame since a young age, Alexis went on to create her own identity.

Her love for racing became her chosen career path and now she is one of the best female racers.

Apart from being rich and driving insanely fast cars, Alexis Dejoria is also famous for her many badass tattoos.

Alexis DeJoria: Exploring the Symbolism Behind Her Mother Mary and F-15E Strike Eagle Tattoos

Alexis Dejoria has tattoos on both of her arms and her back she has more than 20+ tattoos all over her body.

Among many of her tattoos, one that is most prominent is the tattoo on her left hand.

Alexis DeJoria Tattoos
Alexis DeJoria tattoos are the representation of who she is and her spiritual beliefs. (Source: Instagram)

The tattoo looks like a beautiful art form of Mother Mary holding a heart which is a symbol of love.

A Mother Mary tattoo is often a symbol of motherly love and devotion towards the children.

Since Alexis is a mother herself, the tattoo may be her way to represent her devotion towards her children in an art form.

The tattoo also shows that Alexis is a very religious person. It hints at her fondness towards Christianity, as Mother Mary is the mother of Jesus.

The symbolism of the tattoo is endless, it also is a sign of peace, so Alexis may also have gotten it for that meaning of it.

Another tattoo of Alexis that stands out is her F-15E Strike Eagle tattoo on her right arm.

The tattoo is her way of forever keeping her experience of flying the F-15E Strike Eagle jet alive.

Alexis DeJoria with daughter
Motherhood is a very big part of Alexis’s life and her daughter is very important to her. (Source: Instagram)

Alexis describes the experience as one of her most amazing ones.

She is a big fan of speeds and is very used to them so flying in a jet must have added another level of thrill.

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Alexis DeJoria’s Tattoos: A Peek into Her Personal Symbols and Artistic Spirit

In an interview, Alexis adds that like all of her other tattoos, the F-15E Strike Eagle tattoo also holds a very personal meaning to her.

The tattoo represents who she is and the things she loves the most which makes her feel alive.

Talking about the tattoos that describe Alexis Dejoria for who she is, her big dragon tattoo does that even better.

Alexis DeJoria Tattoos insta
Alexis DeJoria loves posting pictures on her Instagram to update her fans about her life. (Source: Instagram)

She has two gigantic dragon tattoos on her back with a crescent moon in the middle of it.

Dragon tattoos are the symbol of great authority, strength, and power, representing freedom and chaos at the same time.

Alexis is indeed a very free-spirited powerful woman who enjoys the freedom that comes with her hard work.

The Cresent moon tattoo might be another symbol of her feminine side and motherhood.

All these tattoos and their meanings highlight the artistic side of Alexis DeJoria.

She has a good eye for them, the tattoos look great on her and also add so much to her personality.

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