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Is Amanda Palmer Transphobic? Twitter And Reddit Discussions

Amanda Palmer is being branded a Transphobic musician for her song released back in 2006. But is it fair to judge an artist with one song?

Amanda Palmer is a popular American performer primarily known for being a singer, songwriter and performance artist.

She is the lead singer as well as a songwriter of the band Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra.

Although she mostly performed as a solo artist in her latter career, she previously was a member of the duo Evelyn Evelyn.

Amanda’s initial call to fame, however, was when she was the lead singer, pianist and composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls.

Amanda is one of the first musicians who started the trend of using crowdfunding websites.

But people are curious to know if Amanda Palmer is transphobic and what is the truth behind the speculations.

Is Amanda Palmer Transphobic? Twitter And Reddit Discussions

Amanda initially shot up to fame as a solo artist in 2008 with Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Her music is generally of the alternative rock or folk genre.

This mix of genres with a rather bold autonomy in her music makes her unique and quite popular amongst her fans.

Amanda Palmer taking a selfie while working in her studio
Amanda Palmer met Brian Viglione at a Halloween party in 2000. (Source: Instagram)

However, the price of fame has taken over for Amanda Palmer, as there are continued rumors of her being transphobic.

This rumor of Amanda Palmer being transphobic has been circulating even after she became a member of the trans community.

In 2012, Amanda herself came out as a transgender person, which gathered a lot of criticism.

But this criticism was not only from the transphobic community but the transgender community as well.

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Is There Divisive Messaging In Amanda Palmer’s Song?

The seed of this hatred and alleged transphobia towards her arose ever since the release of the song Sex Changes back in 2006.

This song was written while Amanda Palmer was still with the duo band The Dresden Dolls.

The song contains rather controversial lyrics that talk about the topic of transitioning.

However, the messaging in the lyrics was considered uncomfortable to even listen to.

Amanda Palmer transphobic comments have been going around for a while.
Amanda Palmer has gained a cult fanbase throughout her career. (Source: Instagram)

The intention, as stated by Amanda, was never to hurt the sentiments of the trans community.

But judging by discussions on Twitter and Reddit, it seems rather obvious that people felt hurt and betrayed.

There are multiple threads on Reddit discussing how, despite being trans, the song made them feel uncomfortable or hurt.

Redditors feel that the song is trying to talk about genital surgery, but the artist has painted it negatively and graphically.

Further, Redditors also doubt if Amanda Palmer even tried conferring with any trans people while writing the song.

The thought processes from Redditors to most listeners of the song. This has made the accusation of Amanda Palmer potentially being transphobic even worse.

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Is Twitter Response Making Controversy Even Worse?

Reddit’s users are pretty vocal about the song and its potential meaning. But discussions on Twitter truly sparked the controversy even further.

The hatred towards Amanda Palmer and the accusations of her being transphobic got so bad that she had to tweet about it in February 2019.

Specifically quoting a tweet, Amanda addressed the controversy, stating that she has always been on the side of trans people.

Amanda taking s selfie in a homely setupin New York
Amanda Palmer has had three abortions, and her song “Voicemail for Jill” is about these experiences. (Source: Instagram)

She further stated that she thinks trans people are amazing, brave and beautiful.

Further, she also added that trans people deserve happiness, freedom and acceptance from all.

Later in 2020, she also posted a statement on her Instagram touching up on the controversy.

However, it was her tweet in February 2019 that truly sparked the controversy as many people unaware of the situation started to get curious.

The controversy on Twitter then got even more traction on Reddit, shedding even more light on it.

In the recent politically correct culture, Amanda Palmer now faces the brunt of being a transphobic artist.

And this is despite the fact that she is a member of the trans community.

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