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Who Is Kelsey, Baby Alien Sister? Scandal And Leaked Video With Dabb

Social media is a refuge for scandal, and a recently leaked film starring Baby Alien sister and Dabb Gasm has become very popular. The video has garnered attention worldwide, generating fascination and gossip.

Instagram influencer Yabdiel Cotto, also popular as Baby Alien, was born on November 24, 1999.

Baby Alien is a comedian and social media influencer based in Miami, Florida.

Further, he posts videos on TikTok and Instagram frequently featuring skits and confessional content.

The earliest image of him is a mugshot from the Palm Beach County database from June 5, 2018.

In August 2023, Baby Alien gained notoriety online after a video of him allegedly losing his virginity went viral.

Moreover, he allegedly lost his virginity to Aria Electra on the Instagram adult reality program Fan Bus.

However, the attention is on the whereabouts of Baby Alien sister and if she follows the same path as Baby Alien.

Who Is Kelsey, Baby Alien Sister?

Baby Alien has kept the information regarding his family private, including the information on his sister.

Kelsey Lawrence is gaining notoriety for being Baby Alien sister. However, she is not the sister of Baby Alien.

Also, Kelsey Lawrence is a well-known Instagram influencer and TikToker. She has amassed over 1,000 followers on TikTok.

Baby Alien sister Kelsey posing for the picture sideways
Kelsey might be suffering from dwarfism disorder. (Source: Instagram)

Further, she routinely works with other content producers and is famous for her beauty advice and videos.

Talking about Kelsey’s appearance, she seems to be suffering from dwarfism disorder.

Moreover, Kelsey has shared a video stating how when other females talk about her height, she doesn’t let it bother her.

From her appearance, people may have speculated that she is Baby Alien sister, as he seems to suffer from the same disorder.

However, both parties have not made any clarification regarding this topic.

A video of Kelsey and Dabb connecting on the Fan Bus was shared, and it quickly gained popularity on social media.

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Scandal And Leaked Video With Dabb

As per sources, Kelsey was seen expressing her feelings for Dabb on the Fan Bus platform.

Fan Bus is a website that links OnlyFans celebrities with their followers. The two then engage in intimate behavior in the van.

Kelsey is seen in the video waiting on the bus as Dabb boards through the back door.

Kelsey Lawrence in a black jacket taking a picture
Kelsey is rumored to be Baby Alien’s sister. (Source: Instagram)

Kelsey exhibits an anxious and excited face as they warmly welcome one another.

They talked while the camera recorded their expressions as they sat there. The interactions’ sincerity is unknown because others claim they staged them to gain attention.

Then they filmed a raunchy Fan Bus video and some NSFW OnlyFans content.

People soon shared their thoughts and made jokes about the footage of Kelsey and Dabb meeting on the Fan Bus on Twitter.

While some individuals celebrate their success, others mock them. However, the film also caused controversy.

Some people felt their privacy had been breached and that it had been published without their permission.

The Fan Bus platform has drawn criticism for abusing influencers and their followers in order to gain views and money.

Others were worried about Kelsey’s safety because they thought Dabb would take advantage of her.

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The Impact Of The Video On Their Careers?

The leaked video involving Kelsey and Dabb has sparked speculation about its impact on their careers.

While some think the incident will boost their popularity, others worry it may damage their reputation.

Kelsey in a beautiful dress taking a picture
Kelsey is gaining fame for her video with Dabb. (Source: Instagram)

While Kelsey and Dabb have been silent over the incident, they have left cryptic comments on social media.

Even though the video is no longer available on most platforms, it is still being shared online.

The debate has also made people aware of the Fan Bus platform’s security issues.

The future will only be able to tell how this incident will affect Kelsey and Dabb’s careers and whether they will speak out about it.

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