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Misha Charoudin Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Youtuber?

The famous automotive YouTuber Misha Charoudin has been able to make a big name for himself in the field, but very few might know about his personal life. Let’s dive into this Misha Charoudin Wikipedia article to know more.

Misha Charoudin is a very famous YouTuber known for his exciting videos about fast cars, track days, and awesome car reviews.

He comes from a Dutch background and was born in Russia but grew up in the Netherlands.

His enthusiasm for cars started in the year 2006 after he started watching videos of other car lovers like him on YouTube.

Those videos were very inspiring to him, which led him to start his own journey as a YouTuber.

The Dutch YouTube Sensation: Misha Charoudin Wikipedia And Age

Misha was born in the late 80s on 1989 November 12, which makes him 33 years old as of now.

He has a wide range of audience and young kids admire his knowledge of cars and wish to be like him.

One of his most loved video content is his reviews on the iconic Nürburgring racetrack in Germany.

Misha Charoudin Wikipedia
Misha Charoudin makes sure that he makes his videos very fun to watch. (Source: Instagram)

Basically, his YouTube channel is like a treasure chest for all the car enthusiasts in the world.

Especially because he also heavily focuses on the Nürburgring and high-performance driving.

Further, he has lots of experience working in the automotive industry.

One of the things that goes unnoticed about Misha Charoudin as he does not have a Wikipedia page, is that he is highly educated.

Misha studied computer engineering, which can be a huge reason for his knowledge of modern technology vehicles.

The talent does not end here, and he also knows how to drive a truck himself.

He is often seen participating in various track events racing across Europe.

Misha charoudin cars
Cars really are Misha’s passion, and it is visible. (Source: Instagram)

Like any successful content creator, one of the things his fans admire about him is his willingness to collaborate with other YouTubers.

He has made videos with famous automotive YouTubers like Shmee150 and Supercar Blondie.

This has not only made his channel more interesting but also resulted in making his videos reach wider audiences.

Misha also has another advantage when it comes to gathering a huge fan base: His multilingual skills.

He speaks four different languages: English, German, Dutch, and French.

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Misha Charoudin: Love, Net Worth, And Future Plans

Misha Charoudin might like to keep most of it private but we do know that he is not yet married.

He is actually in a wonderful relationship with his long-time girlfriend Dyana. It seems like she, too, enjoys being part of his exciting car videos.

Misha Charoudin Girlfriend
Misha does not shy away when it comes to showing his love for his girlfriend. (Source: Instagram).

His estimated income from his YouTube channel is approximately $1 million as of 2023.

That is quite a lot, and to think that he earned it from his enthusiasm for cars is very commendable.

For those who are new to the name Misha Charoudin, a quick peek into his Instagram account will give you an insight.

He is very active on his social media accounts and shares his experiences related to his passion for cars along with glimpses of his life.

Misha Charoudin is definitely a very good example of a person that young kids should look up to.

He turned his passion into a great career, and what’s more interesting is he has been very successful in doing it.

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