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Baki Family Tree: The Secrets and Stories Of The Hanma Bloodline

Many people who have watched Baki Hanma have been wondering about the family tree of Baki. Find out about them further down the article.

Baki started streaming on Netflix on June 25, 2018, in Japan but was released outside Japan only on December 18, 2018.

It was based on the manga of the same name, which was already very popular among manga enthusiasts.

So, when Baki aired, it gained massive popularity and became an instant hit. This eventually led to Netflix renewing the series for its second season, which aired on June 4, 2020.

But there’s also another anime named Baki The Grappler, released in 2001.

Viewers follow the life of Baki Hanma, who hopes to become a mighty warrior like his father.

As such, those who have watched the show cannot help but be curious about the family tree of Baki.

Baki Family Tree And His Girlfriend

Many already know about the mother of Baki, Emi Akezawa, as she was the one who raised him and supported him in pursuing his dream.

Emi Akezawa was a wealthy woman who used her funds to train Baki at the beginning of the series. Meanwhile, Yuujiro Hanma is the father of Baki, the antagonist of the series.

Yujiro has the nickname “the strongest creature in history” because of his countless unbelievable feats. For this, he is also revered as a martial arts god.

Baki with his father
Baki and his father Yuujiro fighting (Source: Netflix)

Moving on, Yuuichirou Hanma is the father of Yuujiro and the grandfather of Baki.

He is a legendary fighter and the only fighter besides his son Yuujiro, who defeated the USA on a small island in the Okinawa territory during World War 2.

As for Baki’s grandmother, she seems to be a monk. But no one knows the name yet.

Baki also has a half-brother named Jack, who is older than him and was born to Yuujiro Hanma and Diane Neil. So, Diane is like a stepmother to Baki.

Emi Akezawa, the mother of Baki
Emi Akezawa is famous as an abusive mother. (Source: Twitter)

These are essentially the family tree of Baki, but there might be more family members that haven’t been revealed yet, as Yuujiro has said that he has spread his seed all over the world.

So, there might be more information in the future, which you can access after the successive possible season premiers on Netflix.

Slightly moving away from Baki’s family tree, Baki has a girlfriend named Kozue Matsumoto. They were friends before being in a romantic relationship with each other.

In the series, Kozue’s mother is Kinuyo Matsumoto, who is also the landlord of Baki.

The Secrets and Stories Of The Hanma Bloodline

As far as the story goes, the Hanma bloodline begins with Baki’s grandfather, Yuuichirou Hanma.

He is a very powerful yet humble fighter and not the type to succumb to money. Fans speculate that he has died, but it is better not to jump to any conclusion.

As for Yuuichirou’s wife, people believe she became a monk after giving birth to Yuujiro because she sensed dark energy inside of him.

Baki and his girlfriend
Baki with his girlfriend Kozue Matsumoto (Source: Netflix)

Moving on, Yuujiro has reigned as the strongest fighter on the earth for decades.

He single-handedly defeated around 2000 soldiers during WW II using the technique called “Guise.” This skill makes it so that the number of opponents doesn’t matter.

Similarly, Baki has now almost reached the level of his father, Yuujiro, making him the second strongest.

So, what’s the secret?

There’s a theory that the Hanma family’s strength is genetically reinforced.

However, Yuuichirou, Yuujiro, and Baki have all trained for several years to gain such strength, which could result from their hard training.

Meanwhile, Jack, being comparatively less powerful than the rest of the Hanma family, further supports this theory.

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