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Barton McNeil Wikipedia: Is He Free After Christina Death? Update

As Barton McNeil made headlines following his recent retrial request for his daughter’s death, many have started searching his Wikipedia for further details. So, let’s explore.

Barton McNeil is an American criminal currently serving a 100-year prison sentence for his crime.

He was arrested in 1999 for killing his 3-year-old daughter, Christina, by suffocating her in their residence.

Since then, he served his crime until his recent request for a new trial to prove his innocence.

Barton claimed that the police overlooked his former girlfriend, Misook Nowlin, as a likely suspect and filed a petition in March 2021.

Meanwhile, over two decades after the incident, the case has again caught people’s attention.

This has further led to increasing curiosity among the people about Barton’s personal life.

Furthermore, as the curiosity regarding accused Barton McNeil continues to increase, people are scouring the internet for his Wikipedia.

Barton McNeil Wikipedia: Who Is The Accused?

Despite the ongoing discussion about Barton McNeil, the lack of his Wikipedia has left people with numerous questions.

So, after thorough research, we have come up with some information about Barton McNeil that could be used in a Wikipedia article.

Barton McNeil, 64 years old now, is a citizen of the United States and was born and raised in McLean, Virginia.

Although of his increasing fame, no sources have mentioned any details related to his family except for his dead daughter.

Likewise, the authorities have decided not to share information about his personal life with the public.

Barton McNeil captured holding his house photographs.
Barton McNeil has been in prison since 1999. (Source: Esquire)

This lack of disclosure has left people in mystery as it is hard to mention whether he has anyone left in his family.

Meanwhile, while living in Mclean, Barton met a woman named Misook Wang somewhere at the end 1990s.

This initial encounter further led to a relationship that later resulted in the death of his 3-year-old daughter, Christina.

Following the incident, Barton was arrested and accused of murdering her daughter in sleep by suffocating her.

However, the case took an interesting turn when his attorney decided to file a petition for his innocence, accusing his then-girlfriend of murder instead.

Moreover, as the news made headlines, people were confused about the killer and waiting for the new update.

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The Incident And Recent Update On Barton McNeil: Is He Free?

Following the death of the 3-year-old daughter Christina McNeil, an investigation led to the arrest of father Barton McNeil in 1998.

Later, in 1999, upon the court hearing, the judge sentenced him to life in prison for his crime.

Although after more than two decades of the case, Barton’s attorney tried to prove his innocence in 2021 but was unsuccessful.

This trial further led to the arrest and conviction of Barton’s ex-girlfriend, Misook.

However, the judge didn’t convict her for the child’s death but for murdering her mother-in-law instead.

As a result, the judge gave Misook a 55-year prison sentence for murdering 70-year-old Linda Tyda.

Barton McNeil captured holding his daughter's photo.
Barton’s daughter died in 1998 due to suffocation. (Source: Esquire)

Meanwhile, recently this year, Barton’s attorney requested another trial based on the new evidence.

The evidence suggested his ex-girlfriend confessed to the murder, but the McLean County judge denied a retrial.

According to Judge William Yoder, the court might not allow the evidence because it relied upon Misook’s husband.

Further, based on these assumptions, Judge William decided not to allow a next trial for Barton’s case.

Later, he also stated that all this evidence wouldn’t likely change the outcome of a new trial. So, Barton McNeil is not free of his crime at the moment.

Unless further evidence emerges, Barton will continue serving in prison for the crime he claims he hasn’t committed.

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