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Meet Benita Alexander Daughter Jessina: Where Is She Now?

As Dr. Death Season 2 exposes the deceit of cardiothoracic surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, attention has shifted to his former girlfriend Benita Alexander and her daughter as they were like a family once.

Benita Alexander is an award-winning news producer, director, writer, and narrator.

She has produced several series in the true crime genre, including Crimes Gone Viral and Still A Mystery.

However, Benita primarily rose to fame after she shared her ordeal of being deceived by the renowned surgeon Paolo Macchiarini in the documentary film He Lied About Everything.

In the pivotal year of 2013, the award-winning journalist crossed paths with Doctor Paolo, and today, the new series unfolds the narrative of her compelling life.

Having experienced fraud firsthand, Benita’s work is dedicated to advocating for women who fall victim to various scams.

Nevertheless, after Dr. Death Season 2 was released, various aspects surrounding Paolo unfolded, including his relationship with Benita Alexander and her daughter Jessina, arousing curiosity about their whereabouts.

Where Is Benita Alexander’s Daughter, Jessina Now?

In recent years, Benita made several headlines revealing her experience of conn love with a renowned celebrity doctor, Paolo Macchiarini.

Further, people are searching for the latest updates of Benita Alexander and her daughter after their featured series, Dr. Death Season 2, aired.

Benita posed for a picture while attending screening premiere
Benita Alexander is an Emmy-award-winning producer. (Source: Instagram)

Addressing her whereabouts, Benita, as an executive producer, is currently working on her upcoming project, Seduced By Evil.

Side by side, she is also putting effort into empowering fraud survivors through her podcast, Benita & The Berracas.

On the other, the daughter of Benita Alexander, who is currently 20 years old, is navigating life, striving to move forward, and maintaining a close bond with her caring mother.

In college, she delves into photography and reportedly manages an e-cigarette store, showcasing her diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Exploring Benita Alexander’s Career & Relationships

Benita was born in Huntington Woods, Michigan, on April 21, 1966, and is currently 57 years old.

Her father, Ralph B. Alexander, was a nuclear physicist, and her mother, Sandra Attebury, was an art teacher. 

Having an upbringing from such parents, Benita also went on to complete her higher education and graduated with manga cum laude from Wayne University.

Benita Alexander taking a selfie with yellow sunglass in her head
Benita Alexander is an executive producer. (Source: Instagram)

Soon after, Benita began her career in local television before making a mark on national platforms like NBC.

Moreover, she achieved prominence through her role on NBC’s Dateline, securing two Emmy awards.

As for her personal life, Benita has been married to Edson Jeune since October 2012. 

Before Edson, she was in a marital bond with her first husband John Noel. The couple shared a daughter Jessina, who was born in 2003.

In 2009, she divorced John and won custody of their only child, Jessina.

After that, Benita met Paolo, and their connection deepened quickly. 

Benita Alexander in a family frame
Jessina’s character in the series Dr. Death holds the name Lizzi. (Source: TheCinemaholic)

Considering Paolo as “safe,” Benita unintentionally lets down her walls, fostering openness and vulnerability, sparking a full-fledged romantic relationship.

Furthermore, Paolo quickly developed a bond with her daughter as well. And that played a pivotal role, making it easier for him to propose to Benita.

Later, Benita discovered Paolo’s marriage, his compulsive lying, and his psychotic tendencies, leading to the canceled wedding.

Since Dr. Death’s series portrays her story, people eagerly want more information about Benita Alexander and her daughter.

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