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Bill Haney Wikipedia, Age: Meet Boxer Devin Haney Father

Since Bill Haney has been the greatest supporter in the boxing career of his son Devin, people are curious to know about him and search for his details on Wikipedia. So, let’s get to know about him.

Bill Haney is the father of famous American professional boxer Devin Haney.

Anyone who is a fan of Devin Haney knows how impactful his father Bill Haney has been in his life and throughout his career.

Devin Haney often speaks about his father mentioning his contributions to his success.

Unlike Devin Haney, his father Bill Haney had a completely different career when he was young.

Currently, he mostly works as a manager, trainer, and mentor to Devin Haney.

Bill Haney is often seen with his son on all his boxing matches and is traveling around with him all across the country.

As a result, people became interested in knowing the lifestyle of Devin Haney and looked for the details on Wikipedia.

Bill Haney Wikipedia: Dad and Coach Of His Boxer Son Devin Haney

Since Bill Haney rose to fame as a celebrity father, Wikipedia hasn’t dedicated a page to his name.

So, his information about his early life and birth details are limited; however, as per various sources, Bill Haney is currently in his mid-50s.

He was just 23 when he welcomed his now 23-year-old son Devin Haney on November 17th, 1998.

Bill Haney and Devin Haney
Bill Haney and Devin Haney are a very interesting and powerful father-and-son duo. (Source: Twitter)

Although he lives a very fulfilled life, Bill Haney has had his fair share of ups and downs that could add spice to his Wikipedia if it’s ever made.

Again coming to the point, he allegedly was behind bars for 40 months due to some drug charges.

This incident happened seven years before Devin Haney came into his life.

But later, after becoming a father, he shifted his life to the right path. Currently, Bill works as a manager for his famous boxer son.

He is the one who looks after Devin Haney’s boxing dates and the contracts. This is also why we always see Bill Haney with his son wherever he goes.

However, there was one occasion when it seemed like he would be unable to be beside his son during his match.

The boxing match was to happen in a big city in Australia. At the time, the Australian government hesitated to grant him a visa because of his criminal past.

Bill Haney training Devin Haney
Bill Haney has his son Devin with his first wife. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the initial rejection, Bill Haney was later able to get a temporary visa to attend the match.

The match was very important as it was against another famous boxer George Kambosos.

He had to be there with his son as a manager and mentor. His presence seems to have worked as his son Devin Haney won against George.

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Exploring Bill Haney’s Life: Marriage, Mystery, and Million-Dollar Success

Despite not having an official Wikipedia, there is much information about Bill Haney on the Internet.

One famous fact about him that many people know is that he has been married multiple times.

He had his son Devin Haney with his first wife, April Clay. Unfortunately, Bill Haney and April could not work out their differences.

So, they parted ways soon after the birth of their son Devin Haney.

Bill Haney hugging his son
Bill Haney’s son was born in San Francisco. (Source: Twitter)

After his divorce from his first spouse April, he married his second wife with whom he has two children.

Various reports suggest that he is now married to his third wife and has a daughter with her. At the moment, the identity of his third wife has become a mystery.

Some believe that the name of his third wife is Renne Haney, but there is no proof of the claim.

While his personal life is full of ups and downs, his professional life and net worth only seem to progress.

According to various reports, his net worth is approximately 1,000,000 U.S. dollars.

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