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Pop-Tarts Creator William Bill Post Net Worth: Was The Inventor Rich?

For years, families in America have been enjoying the sweet pastry treat ‘Pop Tarts.’ Sadly, the inventor of it, Bill Post, is no more; his death has made many people curious about his net worth.

‘Pop-Tarts,’ the rectangular-shaped pastry with various kinds of fillings inside, has been around since 1964.

However, very few know about the inventor of Pop-Tarts which is none other than William Bill Post.

He made the invention in the year 1964 after a deal with the famous cereal brand Kellogg’s.

They wanted him to make a product that would resemble a toaster pastry with a fruit filling inside.

After various attempts, he was successful, and people from many generations have been loving his invention.

Throughout these years, there have been various assumptions that Bill Post has made a fortune out of Pop-Tarts and has a substantial net worth.

Crunching Numbers And Net Worth: Was Bill Post Rich After The Success Of Pop-Tarts Invention?

Every one of us knows that Pop-Tarts is a very highly consumed product in the USA.

According to a data collection website, Statista, 76.76 million Americans consumed Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts in 2020.

Pop Tart inventor Bill Post
Pop-Tart inventor Bill Post was a very fun-loving guy and had a fantastic life. (Source: Twitter)

The data only consists of consumers of regular favorite Pop-Tarts.

We can only imagine what the actual consumption of pop tart with all its different flavors must have been.

This data generated a lot of conversation about the net worth of Bill Post.

Many people who personally know him describe him as being very rich.

However, Bill Post did not have it as easy as many might think.

It was a challenging task for him to figure out the overall prototype of Pop-Tarts.

He had to ensure that the edges were proper and the fillings were not leaking.

He also found it extremely hard to add frosting that would not melt in the toaster.

After a lot of initial failures, he finally came up with an ideal design for the Pop-Tarts.

Bill Post initially named it ‘Fruit Scones’ but later decided that Pop-Tarts would suit it much better.

Pop Tarts
Pop Tarts have such a unique taste to them that people of all ages enjoy the pastry. (Source: Twitter)

The initial flavors were strawberry, blueberry, apple, and brown sugar cinnamon.

After a successful initial test in Cleveland, Ohio, it was launched nationwide in the year 1965.

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The Multibillion-Dollar Success Of Pop-Tarts And The Enigmatic Net Worth Of Bill Post

As soon as it hit the market, it was able to make annual sales of about 1 billion U.S. dollars in America alone.

There are currently more than 30 different flavors of Pop-Tarts, and the customers are not limited to America only.

This means that the Pop-Tarts for Kellogg’s have been generating a lot of income for them.

Bill Post Net Worth
The legacy that Bil Post has left in the culinary world is massive. (Source: Twitter)

Some assumptions suggest that Bill Post has also made a substantial net worth as an inventor of the sweet American pastry.

Although his net worth is not public, he must have been extremely rich.

It is because his deal with Kellogg’s was not a one-time deal; he had received royalties for it for years.

Besides being an extraordinary baker, Bill Post was also quite a good businessperson.

He had enough money to hire people to manage his large net worth.

Reports suggest that Bill Post had invested in many real estate and businesses, adding more to his net worth.

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