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Ronnie McNutt Video: Facebook Live Death Incident with Full Audio

The harrowing video of Ronnie McNutt has made its way back to social platforms, piquing the interest of netizens with its graphic content. What happened to Ronnie McNutt during Facebook Live? Find out details here!

Ronnie McNutt was a 33-year-old American and US Army Reserve veteran from Mississippi.

He served in the army for several years, including deployment in Iraq, which led to a series of mental problems like depression.

Further, McNutt worked at a Toyota plant after leaving the forces and maintained a low-key life.

However, he decided to take the extreme step of ending his life on Facebook Live in 2020.

The video soon reached corners of the internet as people expressed their shocked reaction to the suicide.

Despite years of the incident, the Ronnie McNutt Video continues to haunt people who witnessed the act.

Ronnie McNutt Video: Facebook Live Caught Incident With Full Audio

The video of Ronnie McNutt committing suicide has been surfacing again, including the audio from the livestream.

On August 31, 2020, McNutt prepared to initiate a Facebook Live stream, which his friend noticed.

Further, it wasn’t unusual for the veteran to host streams as he often posted such content.

Ronnie McNutt with a gun
McNutt had recently been fired from his job due to COVID. (Source: Twitter)

However, this stream wasn’t ordinary, as McNutt was intoxicated in the video with a rifle in his hand.

Moreover, one of his friends, Joshua Steen, was present during the stream as a viewer and tried to shut it down.

The viral video of Ronnie McNutt shows how he initially misfired the rifle, but Facebook doesn’t cut the stream.

Throughout the livestream, McNutt’s mobile phone rang frequently, and the last call he received was from his ex-girlfriend.

Before, he had a heartbreaking split with his partner and wanted to clarify things.

Moreover, McNutt answers the phone on stream, leading to a brief argument between the two.

The Facebook Live takes the worst turn when he pulls out his rifle and addresses the audience for the last time.

Ronnie McNutt looking at his phone
McNutt had been drinking before the livestream. (Source: Facebook)

For his last word, McNutt says, “Hey guys, I guess that’s it.” and places the gun under his chin.

In a matter of seconds, he pulled the trigger, giving a bloody view to the camera and the viewers.

Despite his death, viewers can hear the dripping of his blood in the Ronnie McNutt video.

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Reaction From Viewers: Aftermath Of Ronnie McNutt’s Suicide

Several viewers captured the live stream of Ronni McNutt, and it was soon posted on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Furthermore, the police department received a call to the scene during the stream, but they entered his house only after the gunshot.

Investigators soon sealed off and secured McNutt’s house and perimeter for further procedures.

People tweeting about Ronnie
Users made an emote where a guy shoots himself, resembling McNutt. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the video garnered millions of views as users expressed their upsetting reaction to the incident.

Many users sympathized with McNutt and his situation, pressing the matters of suicide prevention and mental health.

However, variants of the video reached TikTok, where it played without initial warning regarding its graphic content.

Moreover, investigations on Facebook’s security policy were underway following McNutt’s suicide.

Despite constant complaints from his friend, the platform initially refused to prevent the spread of the video.

Memes about the incident on Twitter
People still make jokes about McNutt’s suicide. (Source: Twitter)

Later, Facebook agreed to remove the content from its platform and banned users who shared its link.

Despite such efforts, the video would appear through new accounts and began to appear in Reddit’s true crime communities.

McNutt’s case also pointed to the inability of online platforms to remove disturbing content to protect its users.

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