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Bone Cold Movie Wikipedia: Plot And Ending Explained

After the huge success of the Bone Cold movie in the American entertainment industry, people want to know if there is an official Wikipedia of the film. 

The trailer of the Bone Cold was released on YouTube on May 12, 2023, on the rapid trailer media.

Additionally, just after a month, on June 13, 2023, the team released the movie in the United States of America. 

As for the movie, the director and scriptwriter is the same person, Billy Hanson, the famous writer and filmmaker.

The movie holds the attention of fans and keeps them worrying about all the dangers that may be on unfamiliar turf.

Meanwhile, some think the movie is good, but many rate the movie low. It’s evident if you look at the IMDB score of the film.

Regardless, people have searched for its Wikipedia, so here’s the whole page of the movie Bone Cold

Bone Cold Movie Wikipedia: Plot Summary And Ending Explained

As for the Wikipedia of the movie Bone Cold, let’s explore the plot summary first. 

At the beginning of Bone Cold, military buddies Jon and Marco have a task to take out a rival group.

Further, we see Jon in a near-lost state of mind as he struggles to overcome his memories.

While on the mission, the duo discovers a monstrous entity stalking the soldiers.

Two actors of the bone cold movie giving a serious pose in the flyer.
Billy Hanson directed the movie Bone Cold. (Source: Instagram

However, Jon assumes it is a fragment of his imagination and the result of his pent-up guilt.

Although followed by rival forces, the supernatural creature’s presence gives way to action sequences and nasty killing scenes in the movie.

Further, after the death of his teammate, Jon takes it as his responsibility to eliminate the monster.

Moreover, a fight between the creature and Jon occurs, with the soldier claiming the victory.

Although Jon seems fine after the brutal attack, he presents the possibility of being possessed by the entity.

Towards the end, Jon starts to lose control over his mind as he sees the creature around him.

The cast of movie bone cold during the shoot .
The entire cast of the movie Bone Cold is incredible. (Source: Instagram

Further, even after going home, the soldier is numb, and shows changed behavior.

Meanwhile, when his wife tries to calm him, Jon notices the creature behind her and points the gun towards her.

So, in the end, Bone Cold movie and its Wikipedia tell the story of how an unstable soldier is saved by his wife to overcome his inner demons.

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Meet The Bone Cold Cast 

The Wikipedia detail of the movie Bone Cold is incomplete without going into who played who.

Additionally, numerous people are involved in making the movie.

The cover of the movie bone cold .
Bone Cold has 4.6-star reviews on IMDB. (Source: Instagram

As per IMDB, here are the prominent cast members that appeared on the screen of the movie with the character they portrayed:

  • Jonathan Stoddard – Jon Bryant
  • Trinity Jo-Li Bliss – Wendy Bryant
  • Matt Munroe – Marco Miller
  • Jennifer Kehoe – Mel Bryant
  • Shaan Sharma – Col. Nathan Bernham
  • Elise Greene – Sveta Oliynyk(as a different name)
  • Jeremy Iversen – Agent Morris
  • Danielle Poblarp – Angel Six(voice)
  • Edgar Pavsner – Black Mask
  • Mikhail Bugaev – Green Mask
  • Alan Hanson – Pavel Oliynyk
  • Brenda Pollock – Patriot Lady
  • Duncan Perry – Fyodor Burick 
  • Ricardo Mestre – Desert Fighter
  • Juliet Lopez – Soldier
  • Anthony McKeown – Bus Driver
  • Ryan Sanford – Militia
  • Theresa Grace McKenzie – Militia

Additionally, if we go behind the scenes, Jonathan Stoddard and Jaclyn Amor were the producers. 

Additionally, the production company Dirigo Entertainment produced the movie. 

Furthermore, the IMDB Page has also credited all other people involved in the making of the movie.

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