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Coca Nicolas Wikipedia, Age, Real Name: Where Is She Now?

Despite making her name as one of the Softdrink Beauties in the entertainment world, an official Wikipedia page of Coca Nicolas is still yet to be made. Nonetheless, we have compiled details on her personal and professional life. 

Coca Nicolas, whose real name is Johnnalee Hickins, was a famous entertainer in the Philippines during the 1980s.

She was part of the “Softdrink Beauties,” along with Sarsi Emmanuel and Pepsi Paloma, significantly influencing the film industry in their heyday.

Likewise, this group of women starred in many popular films at the time.

Coca Nicolas herself appeared in movies like Snake Sisters, Matukso kaya anhel? in 1984, and Kalapating Musmos in 1985.

At the time, her acting showcased her talents and contributed to her widespread fame.

Moreover, Nicolas stood out for her memorable performances that impressed critics and audiences alike. Also, her unique charm and appeal made her roles impactful.

Additionally, she helped define popular entertainment in the Philippines in the 1980s along with her fellow “Beauties.”

With this, Coca Nicolas remains an iconic figure from that era in cinema, leading to a demand for her dedicated Wikipedia page.

Coca Nicolas Wikipedia And Age

Born on November 7th, 1966, in Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines, Coca Nicolas, aka Johnnalee, is currently 57 years old.

She is a former British-Filipino actress who began her entertainment career at 20 in the Philippines.

She made a name for herself within a year, working in movies such as Snake Sisters and Naked Island.

But her career in the entertainment industry didn’t last long. The extravagant lifestyle that came with fame led to health problems later on.

Additionally, she developed lung issues, which she attributed to her previous habits as an actress.

Softdrink Beauties on the frame including Coca Nicolas
Coca Nicolas was famous as one of the Softdrink Beauties. (Source: pep)

Nevertheless, Coca Nicolas continued to fight for her health despite these setbacks.

Even though she faced medical complications, people appreciate her contributions even today.

Her acting career was defined by a unique charm and talent that made her memorable.

Moreover, Coca Nicolas significantly impacted Philippine cinema in her heyday, showcasing impressive skills that resonated with fans and critics.

Nevertheless, at 57 years old, Johnnalee Hickins’ legacy as Coca remains influential. As a result, her separate fan base is seeking a Wikipedia page for Coca Nicolas.

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Where Is Coca Nicolas Now?

While specific details on Coca Nicolas’s current whereabouts are unavailable, it is known that she is living happily with her family, including her husband and children. 

In her family, after Coca Nicolas, her daughter Johnelline Hickins has made several headlines for her debut in the film industry.

Furthermore, Coca’s daughter has been equally in the spotlight for her association with a renowned Filipino actor, Matt Evans. 

Coca Nicholas posing for a camera
Coca Nicolas showed her presence in the TV show #TunayNaBuhay on GMA7 with host Mariz Umali. (Source: Facebook)

Johnelline and Matt were in a long-term relationship and have often appeared together publicly as a couple. 

In addition, they have a child together, but Matt Evans also legally became the father of Johnelline’s son from a previous relationship.

However, the couple is no longer together as Evans is now happily married to his wife, Katrina Fariñas.

Nevertheless, Coca Nicolas raised her daughter well, who is becoming notable herself.

Furthermore, her influence continues through her daughter’s burgeoning career.

Despite past challenges, Coca Nicolas enjoys family life out of the public eye now, and people are seeking more interest in her Wikipedia.

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