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Who Is Colleen Blake? Matty Blake Wife Age Gap Family And Net Worth

The multi-talented entertainer Matty Blake Wife and family relationships are always a point of interest for his vast fan base.

Matty Blake is a world-class storyteller, Tv personality, actor, and writer best known as the host of the famous show “The Curse Of Oakland.”

The entertainer stepped into the industry as an actor from a young age and has been a part of various successful ventures like Sackman, All spouse out, and Spiritual Waterway.

Who Is Colleen Blake? Matty Blake Wife  

The host of ​Drilling Down Matty Blake is happily married to his wife, Collen Blake. The couple exchanged vows in 1999 and celebrated their anniversary on May 22. Matt and Collen blake have been involved in this sacred relationship for over two decades.

Like many other celebrities, Matty likes to keep his personal life away from the limelight and prefers to stay reserved regarding matters related to his love life. For many years he didn’t reveal his wife’s real name and used to address her by her nickname Yoko in his posts.

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He and his wife are believed to share an age gap; however, we cannot verify this statement as there is no significant information regarding his wife, Collen.

Matty with his beautiful wife and son.
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Matty and his wife have a son whose name is Max. Max was born on March 15, 2005, and is looking for a future as a professional golfer. Aside from being a good entertainer, he is a great dad and loves spending time with his son. They share a great father-son relationship.

He has always prioritized his family over everything else and loves spending quality time with his beloved ones, and shares snaps of their lovely moments with his fans on Instagram.

Matty Blake Family And Ethnicity 

Matty Blake was born in 1974 and celebrated his birthday on December 15. The world-class storyteller was born and raised in the suburbs Of Boston, Massachusetts.

The multi-talented entertainer shared his childhood with one sibling, his younger brother, with whom he attended his local high school.

However, young Matty’s expectations of his future self were in no way near the present Matty. In his college days, he aspired to become a police officer and pursued his graduation in criminal justice and law enforcement administration.

Matty with his father, Ron.

He shares a good bond with his father, Ronald Blake, and is seen enjoying their father-son moments; The actor travels with his father on many occasions. Recently, he posted a picture with his father on a golf course.

Unfortunately, His mother, Peggy Blake, passed away on January 19, 2016. 

Matty Blake Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Entertainer Make From His Successful Career?

Matty blake is a multi-talented personality with proficient skills in acting, hosting, comedy, and many more, thanks to which the celebrity has made a fortune of around 1 million dollars net worth.

The actor joined college with aspirations of becoming a police officer. However, he had all the qualities of an entertainer; He enjoyed making others laugh. Then, with encouragement from friends and family, he started working as a stand-up comedian in Boston.

He then tried his luck acting and succeeded as The actor has over 20 commercials and many successful movies under his portfolio. Still, the major milestone in his career came with him starting a mysterious show Oak Island as an energetic host.

Matty Blake’s picture from one of his movies
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The entertainer has worked with many popular channels like Vh1, NBC Sports, and Comedy Central throughout his career. He was also the creator /host of a popular show, “Matty and Nick,” and wrote and directed a popular Tv movie, Partners.
The entertainer started his Youtube channel in 2010 by posting funny and consistent performances. However, He got busy with his career in the lateral years, and his youtube channel has been inactive since 2015.

The 40-year-old professional has established himself as one of the most successful personalities in the entertainment industry, and his work is an inspiration for many aspiring entertainers.



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