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David Kissinger Wife Tallie: Age, Net Worth, And Children

Right after his father’s death, David Kissinger became the talk of the town as people searched for his details, including his wife.

Born on July 31, 1961, David Kissinger is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, known for his television production.

His notable works include Andy Barker, P.I., Eagleheart, People of Earth, and Final Space.

Further, David is also recognized as the son of renowned American diplomat and political scientist Henry Kissinger.

However, due to the lack of public information, David’s life has always been a topic of curiosity for many.

Now, people search for detailed profiles of his wife as David Kissinger has maintained privacy on the matter.

David Kissinger Wife Tallie: Age Of The Missionary Member

For a long time, the information about the wife of David Kissinger has been kept a secret.

But we found that David Kissinger is married to Tallie, with whom the television producer leads a happy life.

However, details about her birth year are not available to determine her current age.

Tallie Kissinger with David
Tallie has participated in helping poor people. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, David respects his partner’s privacy by not sharing other personal details.

Meanwhile, her marital journey with David reflects a deep commitment and involvement in family life and community service.

David has actively participated in a community focused on improving the quality of life in Northwest Ohio.

Moreover, he is also a proud Navy Veteran, having served the country on land and sea.

Additionally, the television producer has worked as a registered nurse and has volunteered with the poor and underserved.

His wife does not fall behind in such works as Tallie has been active in several local churches alongside David Kissinger.

Similarly, they have contributed to Cedar Creek Church, Redemption City Church, and Dust Church.

David wife Tallie Kissinger
Tallie maintains a low-key life with her children. (Source: Twitter)

All their volunteering work also comes from the fact that the Kissinger family follows the Christian faith.

Nevertheless, the couple’s experiences and challenges have strengthened their bond over the years.

Tallie has always supported David’s endeavors and acts as his strongest pillar.

Recently, David and his wife posed alongside the governor of Great State of Ohio.

Moreover, the pair lead a peaceful life along with the love of their children.

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Tallie Kissinger: Net Worth And Children Details

Despite being the wife of David, Tallie Kissinger has not revealed much about her professional and personal life.

Many people don’t know her works apart from the philanthropic ones, making it hard to estimate her net worth.

However, it is safe to assume that her net worth is in the millions, given her husband’s high income.

David Kissinger with his daughter
David tries to spend as much time as possible with his children. (Source: Twitter)

Besides such details, people are only aware of the couple’s children.

Tallie is a proud mother of four children: Carter, Quinten, Charlie, and Ruby, whom she has raised with love and care.

Further, she has avoided social media and maintained a low profile regarding family matters.

Likewise, the children excel in their respective fields with their distinct blend of talent and knowledge.

Meanwhile, David has earned much recognition for his work in his professional journey.

David with his family
David had a close relationship with his father. (Source: Twitter)

With experience and extensive knowledge shaping his career, David has several TV projects.

Further, he has taken up the task of continuing his family legacy after his father, Henry, died at age 100.

David also shared a close relationship with his late father and often accompanied him to work.

Nonetheless, the executive producer promises to make his family and his late parents proud through his craft.

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