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Devan Chandler Long Wife Jesse Golden: Age And Wiki Details

Through his portrayal of Thorfinn in the CBS sitcom series Ghosts, Devan Chandler Long has gotten much exposure as an actor, eventually drawing people’s attention to his personal life, especially about his wife. 

Devan Chandler Long is an American actor who is well-known for his ability to embody various types of characters on TV and in movies.

He has a charming, down-to-earth approach that can transform him into either a villainous character or a superhero with a kind heart.

Also, Long has been in many different well-known television series, like Ghosts, Doom Patrol, NCIS, Marvel’s Runaways, etc.

However, his breakthrough came when he got a part in the CBS comedy series Ghosts as Thorfinn.

With his on-screen abilities, many of his well-wishers have now developed an interest in the personal life of Devan Chandler Long, especially his wife, Jesse Golden.

Devan Chandler Long Wife Jesse Golden: Age And Wiki Details

Devan Chandler Long has been married to his wife, Jesse Golden, since June 2020. Both of them have two kids and a beautiful relationship. But who is Jesse?

Born in 1978, Jesse Golden is currently 45 years old. She is a model, health activist, yoga teacher, and founder of Golden Secrets, an organic skincare company.

She began her career by participating in a modeling contest in Miami after her aunt persisted in doing so.

Since then, Golden has continued to be in demand in fashion by appearing in ads, TV shows, and movies.

She also served as a Barker’s Beauty on The Price is Right in its 31st season.

Devan Chandler Long with his family
The couple share two sons, Kaleo Golden and Bodhi. (Source: Instagram)

Next to modeling, Golden is a certified yoga teacher and holistic health student.

Moreover, she acknowledges that yoga has been helpful to her with her rheumatoid arthritis management.

Further, she runs a blog and writes articles where she shares healthy living tips and advice.

As for her family life, she has two sons, Kaleo and Bodhi, from a former marriage to actor Alexander F. Rodriguez. Further, she is happily married to Long, her high schoolmate.

They tend to demonstrate their relationship on social media, which signifies a strong foundation.

Golden being her person and her solo success coupled with Long’s rise in acting makes the couple a Hollywood power couple.

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Details On The Early Life Of Devan Chandler Long

Devan Chandler Long was born to a close-knit family in 1983 in Anacortes, Washington.

He has two older brothers, Cosmos and Rien Long, who encouraged Devan’s talents and interests.

Long’s parents, Lori Cunningham and David Long, divorced when he was young, but they remained loving and involved in their children’s lives.

With that, Long continued to achieve success. Likewise, the University of Oregon awarded him a football scholarship.

Devan Chandler Long and his wife
Devan Chandler Long has solidified himself as a Hollywood staple. (Source: Instagram)

However, he later transitioned to acting after realizing he had a natural flare for entertaining and performing from a very early age.

Then, he perfected his acting by applying what he learned about determination and sincerity from his family.

Nevertheless, Long’s path from a small town to Hollywood success was created by a down-home upbringing, athleticism, and passion for storytelling.

The diverse experiences and interests that Devan Chandler Long make him quickly transform into any character, and that is what drew his wife in the limelight too.

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