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Did Baylen Levine And Bunny Break Up? Girlfriend Update 2023

Baylen Levine is a popular YouTube and social media influencer known for his viral skits. His relationship with Bunny is as popular as his YouTube channel. Rumors are that Baylen Levine and Bunny have gone through a break up again. Let’s explore.

Baylen Levine has more than over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Apart from his YouTube fame, he is often in the headlines for his complicated relationship status.

One relationship of Baylen Levine that stands out is with Sara Bailey, aka Bunny.

Baylen and Bunny are the most beloved couple on social media, and many wonder if they are going through a break up.

Did Baylen Levine & Bunny Break Up Again? From Teen Love to YouTube Stardom

Baylen and Bunny met each other when they were in high school.

They have been dating each other for a long time and were even popular as a couple in high school.

This was before Baylen got the popularity that he has right now. However, their relationship faced many obstacles for various reasons.

Baylen and Bunny
Baylen and Bunny are beautiful together; fans hope they haven’t broken up. (Source: Instagram)

One reason we know of is Bunny’s studies. She wanted to focus on her studies at that time, which is why the relationship broke up for a while.

It was always like that for Bunny and Baylen, as they would break up, get back together, and then break up again.

After finishing high school, they went separately for a while.

However, they had to meet again, and destiny led them to be in a long and serious relationship this time.

Sadly, it did not work out again, and they decided to move on without eachother.

Bunny and Baylen
Bunny and Baylen had great chemistry and were more like best friends. (Source: Instagram)

During their relationship, Bunny also became a big part of Baylen’s YouTube channel.

Even though many people only knew Bunny from Baylen’s videos, they could not help but admire her wonderful personality.

When the fans found out about the break up of Baylen and Bunny, they got really sad.

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Baylen & Bunny Got Back Together Secretly! But Now Fans Wonder If They Broke Up Again

Since the break up, the fans have been shipping them and wishing for them to get back together.

Whenever Baylen introduces his fans to a new girl he is dating, the fans get disappointed and ask him to get back together with Bunny.

They got back together again in October of 2023, and people loved the duo.

This time, they did not announce it publicly or make it known to their fans.

Baylen and Bunny relationship
Baylen and Bunny may have broken up, but their fans seem like they will not stop shipping them together. (Source: Instagram)

This is a result of the previous bullying they had to face after breaking up. It has come to reports that the couple might have broken up again.

However, we cannot confirm it because they did not announce it when they were together, so nothing confirms the separation.

Baylen has been posting pictures on a holiday with an anonymous girl.

The girl appears blonde, which many people think can be Bunny. However, others say that it is his other ex-girlfriend, Sadie.

Bunny always wears a specific locket, and the girl in the picture does not have that locket on her neck.

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