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Does Jynxzi Have Tourettes? Disability And Health Problems

As a popular streamer, Jynxzi has received concerns over his health as he is often seen blinking excessively leading to people wondering if he has tourettes. Find out the details further in this article!

Nicholas Stewart, popularly recognized as Jynxzi, is a Twitch streamer who uploads gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege.

The 22-year-old creator gained popularity after becoming the most subscribed content creator in 2023.

Further, Jynxzi is ranked 18th on the platform’s leaderboard with over 3 million followers.

He began streaming in 2019 and soon gained millions of subscribers, earning him a partnership with Twitch.

Moreover, Jynxzi’s engaging content and commentary on games such as Fortnite and Only Up are adored by fans.

Over the years, viewers have noticed the streamer’s particular talking and blinking pattern.

Such conditions have raised questions about the health of Jynxzi as many wonder if he has tourettes.

Does Jynxzi Have Tourettes? Disability And Health Problems

The concerns over Jynxzi having tourettes arose when people started pointing out the way the streamer talked.

In most of his videos, it is visible how frequently the streamer blinks or adjusts his jaw.

So, to answer the question, Jynxzi does have tourettes as the creator has openly talked about his condition.

Jynxzi in a purple jacket
He has had the condition since childhood. (Source: Instagram)

Previously, he posted a short clip where he appears to be blinking excessively while talking.

Further, Jynxzi claimed that he has tourettes causing the involuntary motion of his facial muscles.

According to its medical definition, tourettes are a condition of the nervous system that causes sudden movements and twitches.

Moreover, many people need assistance due to the condition, as they consider tourettes a disability.

However, Jynxzi doesn’t take his tourettes as a disability and has embraced it as a part of himself.

Apart from the condition, the streamer doesn’t seem to be suffering from major health problems.

Jynxzi wearing sunglasses
Jynxzi displays different expressions on his streams. (Source: Instagram)

At the young age of 22, Jynxzi is living a happy and well-nourished life while continuing his career.

Despite being the subject of mockery for his involuntary facial expression, Jynxzi doesn’t let the hate absorb him.

Rather, he takes it lightly and often jokes about his condition with his followers during his gameplay.

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Rise To Fame At Young Age: Jynxzi’s Early Life And Career

Despite his neurological condition, Jynxzi rose to fame at the young age of 18 after posting a video.

Soon his videos garnered thousands of viewers who demanded gameplay of popular sports.

Given his present subscriber count of 4 million, Jynxzi has managed to keep most of early life undercover.

Jynxzi with bunny ears
Jynxzi doesn’t like talking about his school days. (Source: Instagram)

However, it is known that the streamer was born in Washington D.C. to Christian parents.

Further, Jynxzi has three siblings, whose identity remains unknown to the public knowledge.

Shortly after completing high school education, the creator turned to the digital platform to build a career.

Moreover, he has only played a total of 48 games in his Twitch streams, which is comparatively less than other streamers.

Regardless, Jynxzi was able to surpass notable creators like Kai Cenat and xQc due to his entertaining content.

Streamer with play button
Jynxzi received the golden play button earlier in 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Along with his Twitch channel, he shares snippets from his streams and challenges on YouTube with over 1.5 million subscribers.

Upon reaching his first 100k subscribers, Jynxzi celebrated with his followers with an hours-long video.

Further, he encouraged young people to follow their dreams without letting criticism get in their way.

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