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Don Fluitt Wikipedia: Murder By Wife, Husband In the murder tapes

With the murder case of Don Fluitt making headlines almost eight years after the incident, people globally have gone online searching for his Wikipedia for further details.

Don Fluitt was a retired firefighter, residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico along with his family.

He rose to prominence after his murder in December 2016 by his ex-wife’s husband, Terry White.

Following his murder, Terry was convicted and sentenced to a maximum of 42 years in prison in June 2017.

The case later got more complicated after the family of Don accused his ex-wife, Christine White of planning the murder.

However, she was never charged with any sentence by the court and continues to live with her daughter somewhere in the United States.

Meanwhile, after almost eight years of the incident, the case has again gained worldwide attention.

As a result, people globally are eagerly searching for the Wikipedia of Don Fluitt for further details on the incident.

Don Fluitt Wikipedia: Biography Of The Murdered Firefighter

Despite the ongoing discussions about Don Fluitt, the lack of his Wikipedia, has left people curious about the incident.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Don moved to Albuquerque during his teenage years for better job opportunities.

There he began his professional career in the field where most fear to even think of enrolling.

Throughout his 54 years of life, he continuously served the nation as a Bernalillo County Firefighter, notable in the Wikipedia of Don Fluitt.

Don Fluitt captured along with his daughter.
Don Fluitt was a family-centered man focused on the betterment of his kid’s life. (Source: Twitter)

While residing in Albuquerque, Don also shared a married relationship with a woman named Christine Fluitt.

The couple together had three children from their marriage, namely, Tiffany, Josh, and Siena.

However, the couple separated from one another in 2016 and later his own life met an unfortunate end after his murder on December 29, 2016.

He was found dead by his co-workers inside the garage of his home in New Mexico.

Following his death, the authorities undertook a full-fledged investigation that led them toward, Don’s ex-wife’s husband, Terry White.

Upon collecting surveillance footage from a neighbor’s camera, the police saw a man entering his garage.

Don Fluitt captured in a black dress.
Don Fluitt’s death led to various discussions regarding the actual killer. (Source: Facebook)

In addition to this footage, the DNA samples collected from the crime scene later confirmed the man as Terry.

Due to an ongoing case against his ex-wife for the custody of their 11-year-old daughter, all of his family members accused Christine of planning Dan’s murder.

Although, instead of Christine, the police arrested her husband based on the available evidence.

Meanwhile, one of the episode of The Murder Tapes later featured the incident in 2019.

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Details On The Investigation And The Court Hearing

During the investigation of Don Fluitt’s murder, the police collected various evidence against Terry White from around the crime scene.

Based on all this evidence, the police took him into custody from a street in Arizona.

Unless the hearing the authorities imprisoned him at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

While in police custody, Terry often told his inmate about his wife’s encouragement to kill Don to protect his family.

Terry White captured in a close up shot.
The murderer, Terry White tried to commit suicide before his arrest. (Source: Facebook)

Later, upon the court hearing in June 2017, a jury convicted him of murdering Don.

Additionally, the jury awarded him a 42 years long prison sentence, after multiple requests from Don’s family.

However, Don’s family was still unhappy with the court’s decision as they believed Christine was behind the murder.

Meanwhile, when Terry addressed the court, he refused to admit his crime and continued to maintain innocence.

He even refused to apologize to Don’s family for murdering one of their own.

In addition to the accusation on Terry, the authorities also charged Christine in the murder but eventually dropped all these charges.

Don Fluitt captured along with his wife.
Don’s family strongly believed Christie was a major suspect. (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, the investigators also accused Christine of trying to plot Terry to kill himself in jail so that she could collect his life insurance money.

However, they failed to prove these allegations, prompting her to live a life away from the spotlight since to date.

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