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Dragon Ball Magic Leaks: Goku And Shin Are Babies? Exclusive Spoilers

Dragon Ball is the super hit series that has given its fans huge respect and a powerful plot, but as the new series has been announced, some leaks and spoilers are spreading about Dragon Ball Magic.

Dragon Ball Magic, inspired by Dragon Ball GT, is a new series that has made fans craze.

Toei Animation has announced this new series in New York Comic Con.

As it will be the first time its makers will release it online, it seems very important to its fans.

Dragon Ball production has announced that its story will revolve around young Goku and Kaioshin.

In addition, it will be the inspiration from the famous Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball Magic Leaks, Spoiler: Are Goku & Shin Babies?

After the announcement of the new Dragon Ball series, fans are taking over the internet to decide their turn.

Series fans are in joy as they got to know about the characters of Dragon Ball Magic leaks online from reliable sources.

The new series will feature not only Goku and Kaioshin but all of the Dragon Ball characters in younger versions, as suggested by the source and spoilers.

The new villain who controls time and space will turn Goku and Shin into babies, as per the YouTube leaks.

This supervillain will send them back in time and make them start their training all over again from the beginning.

Dragon Ball Hunting
Goku was known as Kakarot, a name that was derived from Carrot. (Source: Instagram)

This will be the major character transformation from the Dragon Ball series, as it will be the first time we will see the baby avatar of Goku.

Before this, Shin also did not appear as a baby in any of the Dragon Ball franchises.

However, Dragon Ball Magic leak does not mention how the transformation of Goku and Shin into babies will occur.

It will be more exciting and adventurous for the fans of the series and how they retain their normal form.

On the other hand, with the Dragon Ball Magic leak about Gokuo and Shin being changed to baby.

There have been rumors that character mapping in the series will achieve another height.

Goku in Cloud
Goku is a rare case where the prospect of a new enemy fills him with excitement rather than fear. (Source: Reddit)

Similarly, the Dragon Ball Magic leak speculates that Babies’ story will be related to the prequel of Dragon Ball GT.

There are also rumors that Gohan will be getting a new form that will allow him to finally surpass his father, Goku.

Is The Series Has Been Cancelled? Rumor

The fans on the internet, as their favorite series, Dragon Ball is rumored to be canceled, are frustrated.

However, fans and the media are criticizing the leaks and spoilers, and Reddit is buzzing with serious debate.

Fans speculate that this news is fake and spoilers are not true, which has hurt the sentiments of leakers a lot.

Kid avatar for goku
Goku is a bad dad, and he is really dumb. (Source: Reddit)

This doesn’t mean they are going to cancel the series and fail to meet fans’ expectations.

But the simple and soft answer to this question is: No!

To understand the reason behind its backlash, we must know some key points.

Firstly, most fans were expecting the release of Dragon Ball season 2.

However, they received this announcement, which has many of its fans disappointed.

But the backlash from the fans has no impact on the leaks, as they are confident that  Dragon Ball Magic will be hit.

dragon ball magic poster
Dragon Ball Magic is the most anticipated series on the internet. (Source: Dragonball)

Secondly, officials announced this at New York Comic Con, saying that,

Delivering the latest information on the world-famous manga and anime franchise, “Dragon Ball”. We will talk about new developments in the Dragon Ball series, along with a mysterious new teaser. Also the appearance of special guests!

This has also pointed out the new release of Dragon Ball magic.

In addition to that, what confirmed its release is that Akio Iyoku was himself present at the event, verifying it to be authentic.

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