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FBI True Chyenne Kircher: Tragic Harrowing Case Of Dubuque Girl

In a gripping and heart-wrenching episode of FBI True, the focus turns to the tragic disappearance of 14-year-old Chyenne Kircher from her home. Let’s dig more into this mysterious case through this article.

FBI True is an American docuseries premiered on Paramount+ on February 28, 2023.

The series follows FBI agents’ world with surveillance video.

Moreover, they unravel the truth through interrogations with hostage takers and terrorists and photos from the agents’ collections.

On October 26, 2023, the series was renewed for a fourth season, which premiered on CBS on November 7, 2023.

With the launch of its new season, people like to remain up-to-date with airing episodes.

As a new episode of FBI True releases, people want to dig into the mystery case “The Disappearance of Chyenne Kircher.”

Unveil The Mystery With FBI True: The Disappearance Of Chyenne Kircher

On Tuesday, FBI True released a new episode titled “The Disappearance of Chyenne Kircher” at 10 pm.

The documentary FBI True unravels a true crime story surrounding the mysterious disappearance of 14-year-old Chyenne Kircher.

Chyenne looks cute in a blue dress
Chyenne was born in East Dubuque, Illinois. ( Source: Facebook)

Likewise, the episode unfolds with a haunting narrative, transporting viewers back to 2011 when Chyenne disappeared from her troubled home in Illinois.

This case became more mysterious as her parents found a runaway note that raised more questions than answers.

To find Chyenne, her family went out looking for her and rang around her friends.

Eventually, they reported her to the local police department as a missing person.

Although the police searched for Chyenne everywhere, they could not find her.

But when a new task force was set up nearly two years later, officers decided to ramp up the search for Chyenne again.

During the investigation, suspicion had fallen on stepfather Terry Abbas, with Chyenne previously telling friends that he had been sexually abusing her.

FBI True latest episodes
FBI True unravels the chilling case of Chyenne Kircher’s disappearance. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, Abbas was immediately taken to a separate interview room, where his story began to unravel to the point that he confessed.

He confessed that he had sex with Chyenne in the backyard of the family home before strangling her to death.

Not only that, he claimed that he had then dug a hole around five feet deep and dumped her body less than 100 yards from the family home.

Later, the court sentenced the killer to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Investigations On Tragic Harrowing Case Of Dubuque Girl

Chyenne Kircher’s case unfolded in October 2011 when the teenager went missing.

Initially, investigators found a runaway note, leading them to believe that Chyenne might be alive and staying with a friend.

However, the investigation took a dark turn after speaking with Chyenne’s best friend, who had moved several hours away to Wisconsin.

When Wayne Jackowski, an accountant-turned-FBI agent stationed at the Rockford, Illinois office, recounted the moment from the case, the case changed entirely.

Consequently, the case shifted from a missing person inquiry to a murder investigation.

Chyenne post with her friend
Chyenne’s most recent picture before she went missing. ( Source: Facebook)

Likewise, Agent Jackowski and Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Office veteran Casey Folks reflected on the investigation process.

The second-generation agent Kim Castro and fellow agent Kristy Kottis joined the investigation team.

Further, Jackowski discovered a heartbreaking truth even though he initially hoped Chyenne was with her best friend in Wisconsin. 

He recounts the emotional interview with the friend, who tearfully revealed, “She’s dead. She’s dead.”

Moreover, the revelation shattered the investigators’ belief that they would find Chyenne alive and well.

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