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Herbert Wigwe Daughter: Chizi, Tochi, Hannah, David & Family

Following the shocking death of Herbert Wigwe, lots of people’s attention has been drawn toward his family members, including his daughter and other children.

Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe was a significant figure in Nigeria’s banking sector.

His banking career began with his prolific academic background. He bagged honors in accountancy and finance before starting at Coopers & Lybrand on the professional path.

Further, he bought Access Bank in 2002 and transformed it into Nigeria’s largest bank during his 15-year tenure as Deputy MD and subsequently CEO & Group MD.

Through acquisitions, mergers, and ambitious expansion plans into Asia, Access Bank became a continental force under his exceptional leadership abilities.

Wigwe sat on the board of Access Bank Ghana where he birthed the idea of Access Leadership Conference Series on global challenges.

Moreover, his shocking death in a 2024 helicopter crash sent ripples across the banking and business spheres.

This led many people to become interested in the family of Herbert Wigwe, including his daughter.

Herbert Wigwe Daughter, Children: Chizi, Tochi, Hannah, David & Family

Recently, following his demise, many people have been curious to learn about the family of Herbert Wigwe, especially his daughter & other children.

Married to Chizoba within months after encountering her while doing NYSC service in Nigeria, Herbert later fathered four children.

Together, the couple raised their kids named Chizi, Tochi, Hanna, and David, to whom they tried to teach good morals.

He was a father and a role model who understood the importance of balancing work ambitions with family time.

Herbert Wigwe with his wife
Despite his globetrotting career, Herbert Wigwe made his family his priority. (Source: BBC)

Moving on to his children’s career, Chizi, Wigwe’s eldest, went into finance just like his father did.

Tochi, daughter of Herbert Wigwe, got her Master’s in Finance and Investment from the University of Warwick.

Further, the details about his other kids, Hannah and David, remain unknown.

However, at this moment, it’s no wonder that all his kids, along with his wife at the moment, are in deep grief following his death in a helicopter crash on his way to Super Bowl 2024.

This left an unimaginable void for them as he had been a loving husband and devoted father to them all.

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Details On The Tragic Death Of Herbert Wigwe

In California near Nipton on February 9th, 2024, Herbert Wigwe came to a tragic end following helicopter crash circumstances.

He was going to Las Vegas at the moment for the Super Bowl LVIII championship before the Eurocopter EC 130 that carried him crashed.

Later, investigations revealed that there were no signs of engine failure or any other technical-related issues.

The experienced pilot did not even issue a Mayday call before the catastrophic incident. Whether the tragic incident arose from mistakes or bad weather is still a matter of investigation.

Herbert Wigwe
Herbert Wigwe died at 57. (Source: Twitter)

But, no wonder that Africa’s businesses are deeply saddened since Wigwe is someone they cannot afford to lose.

Tributes poured in honoring his Access Bank visionary leadership for over twenty years.

Further, Politicians, the heads of various banks, and investors all remembered Wigwe as one who had contributed much to Nigeria’s global business competitiveness.

This legacy identifies one fearless man who emphasized the development of African talent that will always motivate future generations.

So, the Herbert Wigwe Foundation has already said that they will erect his statue never to forget its giant socioeconomic importance in Nigeria.

Despite a tragic end in 2024, his bold plan in Nigerian banking history left a lasting impact.

Though gone, his foundation across Africa will endure, supporting and aiding others for years to come.

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